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City of the Rising Sun: Japanese Moments Now!

29.01.2016 | 08:55 Clock | Frankfurt
City of the Rising Sun: Japanese Moments Now!
City of the Rising Sun: Japanese Moments Now!

The sun rises in the east, it sets in the west…but today this does not mean Fechenheim. Not even Höchst, although the porcelain there is something to be proud of. The land of the rising sun is at stake: can Höchst porcelain compete with Japanese craftsmanship? Anyone who has ever visited Japan knows that its inhabitants are masters at producing the greatest possible beauty. The filigree nature is reflected in the use of bamboo, wafer-thin paper or artfully laced kimonos. Visitors encounter the traditional above all in the old imperial city of Kyoto. But who has ever visited the Kyoto Center in downtown Frankfurt? The name is a little misleading, because it is more of a jewel, full of Japanese treasures than a center.

Japan fans among us who long for beautiful forms in design and garden or authentic products do not have to feel lost in Frankfurt. Thanks to a strong community, there are numerous restaurants and shops in our city. Twinned in a town twinning, or one says one is twinned, Frankfurt is with Yokohama, the port city at the Pacific.
In Japan nothing is left to chance: Nature is tamed. In English gardens, by comparison, there is a lot of wild growth.

Where order is so important, beauty doesn't have to be neglected. Fascinating ideas can be found at “Mujis“. The setter from Nippon Mujis creates useful products such as storage boxes, pens or filing systems without labels, but they are extremely practical and stylish. Everything fits together, because Japan is not only beautiful, but also space-saving. Don't forget the Japan Tower, whose outer façade is modelled on the tatami mats; these are bamboo mats that are normally laid out on the floor instead of a carpet in the room.


Kyoto Center, Kaiserstraße 23
Mujis, Kaiserstraße 12


Sake - Bar

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