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Desire for the Main

13.07.2018 | 08:11 Clock | Frankfurt
Desire for the Main
Desire for the Main
Desire for the Main

The "Mainluststraße" in Frankfurt is a short street. It extends over only two blocks of flats and leads from the theatre in the city centre directly to the river. Just a small aisle that connects urban life with the experience of nature and yet sounds so promising. That life in a city with water brings something particularly pleasurable with it, Frankfurters must have already suspected before us, oh, what I'm saying there, have experienced. You would certainly not be surprised that urban water is one of the greatest attractions and a prominent feature of our urban quality of life. Why else would someone have come up with that street name? Street name-wise, the city had a real crack at it…...;-)

Water has always been a place of longing. Has anything changed about that until today, I ask you? Not to me. Hadn't I just told you in the last post to the Frankfurt-Gefühl that I could hardly imagine living in a city without a river. Maybe it's because I grew up by a creek. At the water there is always something to experience, to enjoy and to lean back on.

Lust for the Main

What is Frankfurt's most visited section on the Main? Naturally, most people think from Ostend to Nizza at most. Then it's over. Not everyone knows the light and air bath in Niederrad (LiLu), knows that a city with a river also needs a proper water and shipping office, and at the Lilu there is a branch office of the office called „Frankfurt“. In the intermediate arm, at the transition to the Lilu lies the romantic and beautifully overgrown boat, the “MS Heimliche Liebe“.

When I wanted to become at home in Frankfurt, my first bike tours led me to discover the city along the Main. Beyond the Ostend to the dreamy Rumpenheim and in the west to the ancient ferry to Höchst, which cruises cyclists and pedestrians across the Main River. More adventurous is the river crossing in the east, because there are also cars on the ferry, which is a wonderful fun and hardly costs anything.

Why is it so beautiful at the river?

Is there anything better against the city stress than the tranquillity the flowing water creates by its even passing? Even on the Main a tour with the excursion ship up to the respective locks is like a small vacation of the everyday life . The skyline can be marvelled at, I can wave to the people on the shore and feel like on a giant steamer setting off on a great journey. I can say, because I already tried it out with friends for after-work :-)

Switch off, stroll, experience adventure

At the river I can switch off, experience adventure, stroll or retreat and relax. Everyone as he or she likes. And so not only the yacht club with the new operator finally anchors again at the Main or the above mentioned nature ship, but also houseboats hide here and there. At the height of the tannery mill, in the rowing village you can enjoy a delicious meal and the resourceful make their way to one of the most hidden beach cafes on the river. Do you know which one I mean? There will be resolution in my post next week on the topic “Really well hidden Cafés and pubs“.

What do you like best on the Main and which section is your favorite?

PS: My five favorite places you can find here.

· MS Secret love, contact and information:

· Light- und Luftbad, Niederräder Ufer 10, 60528 Frankfurt

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