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The Frankfurt Tip Authors:

Discover enchanted places - From mills, streams and fountains

12.07.2019 | 09:12 Clock | Free time
Discover enchanted places - From mills, streams and fountains
Discover enchanted places - From mills, streams and fountains
Discover enchanted places - From mills, streams and fountains

Why wander far away when Frankfurt is still full of adventurous places to be discovered? Why crowd around the swimming pool with others, when there are many, partly quite unknown shady places with rippling water around Frankfurt? Do you want to get away from it all? Just get out of town or relax for a few hours? This is no problem in (and around) Frankfurt. And the good thing about it? It costs nothing!

So today I would like to share one of my favourite tips for discovering, relaxing and recovering with you:

The exciting excursion tip for hiking, biking, jogging, exploring, refreshing

Recently I discovered a place that should not be missing from the list.  Those who like hiking, walking, doing something with children and want to discover, simply like jogging or cycling and want to let their dog bathe - this goal is a true all-rounder for all needs. And on top of that, enchanted, juicy green and refreshing.

The talk is of a small section in the Taunus. Above Oberursel, to be exact. There flows the little stream, the Urselbach. Over a length of around eighteen kilometres, the Ursel splashes from the Hochtaunus over to the camping site in Heddernheim, where it flows into the Nidda. Maybe it flows directly past one of you and you've already met the Urselbach?

About Oberursel it's a friendly water, mostly just covering your feet, now and then ankle-deep.  The banks are easy to reach from the hiking trail. The most beautiful is the dense, lush green along the route, the moss soil, the weathered stones that make the area look like an enchanted spot in nowhere.

Fresh water in Oberursel

Even if the Ursel is only a brook, it has always been important for the city of Oberusel.  The numerous mills on Urselbach created jobs, the trade of cloth makers, oil and grinding mills flourished. The stream supplies the inhabitants with water to this day, the quality is checked regularly. The people of Oberursel love “their“ stream and fountains even more. The annual festival testifies to this.

On the whole Urselbach once stood 42 mills and used its water power. In the area of the Frankfurt city you can still find relics of these mills today.

The city offers numerous mill hiking trails to Spinnerei Hohe Mark. From there the river is called Urselback, below the Großer Feldberg it is still the Haidtränkbach. And be sure to pay attention to the Celtic symbol! Because finds from smaller settlements on the hills "Altenhöfe" and "Goldgrube" on both sides of the Urselbach Valley date back to the 5th and 3rd centuries BC.

Have you visited the Ursel before? What other enchanted places can you recommend?

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