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Firecracker and Co.: nice prospects for New Year's Eve

27.12.2015 | 10:22 Clock | Celebrate
Firecracker and Co.: nice prospects for New Year's Eve
Firecracker and Co.: nice prospects for New Year's Eve
Firecracker and Co.: nice prospects for New Year's Eve

Nothing is worse than puffing, banging and rattling and we see nothing. So when the fondue has been plastered, Miss Sophie has saluted Schneider's Admiral for the last time and the countdown begins at the end of the year, many of us would like to watch the wild goings-on beautifully or even take up pyrotechnics ourselves. The beauty of Frankfurt is that it carries us so high up: whether in nature or in architecture. There are lots of places that give us a fabulous view of the fireworks and fireworks on New Year's Eve. But people with claustrophobia should consider their choice. In front of the Alte Oper the bangers fly just as wildly around without consideration for losses and people as also gladly times at the Main bank. So pack strong nerves as well as sparkling wine and glasses! :-)

1. In many skyscrapers it is always good to celebrate at the end of the year. Here the Overview of 2014. Fleming‘s Hotel is one of my personal favourites not least because of its cool paternoster!

2. Climb on the roof! Have you ever researched whether your own house has an accessible roof or at least an acceptable roof hatch? Nothing is nicer than toasting the New Year with all the party guests and the sparkling wine in Puschen.

3. Bridge love: The bridges in Frankfurt are always jam-packed when there's something special to celebrate. I am relieved that the city is taking care of the renewal, so that they can endure something properly :-)  Last experienced for the unity celebration. So remember to show up at the Iron Bridge or the Holbein Bridge in time! Even though we're experiencing Southern European spring: Waiting takes time. Dress warm, then. Quieter crossings can be found in Niederrad with the railway bridge and eastwards with the Deutschherrenbrücke and the Osthafenbrücke.

4. The Mainufer in general. Our classic, loved by everyone. Those who celebrate in the restaurant Nizza already have a card in the first row. The view from the Sachsenhäuser Ufer at St. Peter's Church is the most beautiful. Also show up here in time. Parking in the 2nd rows as well as a lot of crowding.

5. In good visibility, of course, the Feldberg im Taunus is a very fine thing, with its darkness for goose bumps moments just like the Lohrberg provides.

Which favorite places on New Year's Eve have you? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook! I would like to thank the readers of the InsideFFMBlog for a year of stimulating exchange and thank them for their friendly interest! Now I wish you all a very pleasant Christmas holiday and a happy New Year. I am happy about many suggestions for 2016.

Sabina Brauner @WentoManderley


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