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Frankfurt: hot and greasy - 3 cool chip shops

06.04.2018 | 08:12 Clock | Pleasure
Frankfurt: hot and greasy - 3 cool chip shops
Frankfurt: hot and greasy - 3 cool chip shops
Frankfurt: hot and greasy - 3 cool chip shops

Tadaaaa, April is here! Finally the sun is shining. Finally we can sit outside more: On a bench by the Main, with a beer (preferably craft beer) and some fries. Sometimes it only takes a little to be happy and completely satisfied. You know those Guilty Pleasures? Doing forbidden things and feeling good about it! This probably includes eating unhealthy things. And doing it with gusto. No wonder that in all surveys about the most popular fast food of the Germans, French fries with curry sausage always take the top places. Funnily enough, with clear preferences between the sexes: While men tend to go for the sausage, women prefer fries. But no matter, the main thing is tasty!

I not only like to eat for my life, but also like to enjoy something really hot and fatty. The only restriction: it has to be vegetarian. Nothing easier than that: Frites can be found at numerous places in Frankfurt. I have tested the coolest and tastiest offers for you for a brilliant start into April.

But how should proper fries actually taste? In order to not only rely on my subjective taste, I asked my Belgian friend beforehand: Because as we know, our neighbors in the small country have it really gourmet.

Soft inside, crispy outside - but not too much, says the EU

So, the guideline of my friend was: Fries should be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The European Union also cares about our well-being, so since April 1, fries can't be too dark. To limit the carcinogenic acrylamide content, they must be soaked and blanched at a maximum of 175 degrees Celsius before being deep-fried.

Now add to this the fact that gourmet fries are rarely served with ketchup, but rather with mayo. In Antwerp, the waiters always look pityingly when I ask for tomato sauce. Well, my taste buds are just American spoiled J (Attention, irony!)

So. but now without further ado, into the Frankfurt frites paradise. Because what I tasted is something to be proud of.

· Best Worscht in Town. The fries are firm, crispy, soft, not too thick or too thin AND - very important to me - well seasoned. The genius of the shop, which can be found in Skyline Plaza, on the Zeil and on Grüneburgweg, among other places, is yes, the special sauces, which everyone can combine according to their taste and desire for spiciness.

So I haven't tested anything other than spiciness level 1 yet J I look for my adventures elsewhere. I highly recommend the American BBQ sauce variety though, it tastes like smoke and honey. Favorite tip: Vegetarian sausage is available for an extra 0.70 <x>ampersand</x>euro;. A simple "snackers combo" for 7.50 &euro; with drink and plenty of sliced bread makes you full and happy. The service is a blast! Friendly, fun, attentive.

&middot; The nationwide "Frittenwerk" impresses not only with good, home-cut fries, but also with the concept: if Instagram opened a restaurant, this is what it would look like: cool sayings glow on the walls, which feature real moss. The material mix of natural wood, stone and modern lamps pleases and looks very urban.

The twist on the menu: the fries don't just come red and white. No, the Frittenwerk wants nothing less than to take our beloved fast food culinary into the modern age: That's why homemade sauces and fresh herbs garnish the potato sticks.

My tip: "Poutine" - the name reminds of the Russian president, but this little sensation comes from Canada and seduces with its mixture of mozzarella cheese mixed with a gravy, served with extra wide fries. A good portion for a light lunch, they can be had for 5.50 <x>ampersand</x>euro;. Regular fries are available for 2,50 &euro;. The variant with knobhole, however, costs 0.40 &euro; more. Who wants to read more about it, read our pleasure tip!

&middot; Last but not least: Finally Belgian fries also in Frankfurt. Relatively inconspicuous and without too much chichi, but with large and delicious portions of fries impresses the booth at the Konstablerwache.

Long, thick, yet crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - just as indulgence demands. And what sauce is at the top of the menu? That's right: mayo! Contrary to opinions to the contrary, the service was friendly and attentive during my visit.

I was taken with the price: the smallest "L" option is available for 2.20 <x>ampersand</x>euros.

What's your favorite fast food and where do you like your fries best?

Frittenwerk, Kaiserstraße 76, 60329 Frankfurt

Best Worscht in Town, Berger Straße 80, 60316 Frankfurt

Zeil 51 (Belgian Fries), Zeil 51, Frankfurt

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