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My favorite place to buy now: My summer shopping guide

29.06.2018 | 07:38 Clock | Shopping
My favorite place to buy now: My summer shopping guide
My favorite place to buy now: My summer shopping guide
My favorite place to buy now: My summer shopping guide

Cheaper, bargains, sales - wherever I look, the stores are currently pricing their goods cheaper. Summer time is a sale. Yesterday I was on the Zeil at a southern European fashion chain to exchange something. I used to go there a lot. Lately, I've hardly been attracted to their offer. Raised eyebrows are more like it. Which isn't necessarily because of the clothes. But rather on the framework conditions. If it looks like it did in my room as a teenager, with more clothes lying on the floor than hanging on the bar, then I want to go out backwards. Oh dear, I already sound like my father ;-) Whatever. When I go shopping, I look for a well-kept ambience where the goods are on the shelf and the service is attentive, but neither snooty nor intrusive.

In a shop on “Neue Kräme“ a shop assistant actually followed me every step of the way (followed? ;-) and immediately folded each part back onto the shelf as if it were her personal property. So I'm sure you'll understand that I use the “Personal“ criterion for my shopping tips outside the fashion chains and department stores.

Many of my acquaintances who live outside Frankfurt know nothing about shopping other than the city centre. That's all very well. Also it makes fun in the five Shopping centers to stroll, (Good reasons for shopping in the Shopping center ) whose offer can be seen. But to limit the opportunity for shopping to Zeil and shopping centres would be a pity.

So I rolled up my sleeves, scratched my head a little bit to present you my currently favourite corners and shops for shopping.


On the way to vibration training I recently noticed a super casual shop on Kaiserstraße. “Weekday“. Ever heard of it? And what can I say? I go to training once a week and every time I walked past it, I found something at “Weekday“!

Was their target group usually half my age. But if you're just looking for a trendy sweatshirt or white T-shirts with a modern cut, you'll quickly find what you're looking for. The T-shirts remind of the expensive cuts of Victoria Beckham, but are of course much cheaper to have. Since the clever woman plans ahead, as the Frankfurt merchant Mayer Amschel Rothschild once preached to his children, I packed three of them in different sizes. „Weekday“ is a Swedish jeans and fashion brand inspired by street styles and youth culture. As I said, timeless basics can be found there for every man and every woman.


The opening of “Pinko“ is a great cinema. The Italian “Itt-Label“ is now not only at the airport, but also at the Opera Quarter. The fact that the shopping experience is really spreading away from the Zeil towards the Alte Oper and beyond the Goethestraße through the new buildings doesn't seem to have gotten around yet. Maybe some of you suspect that this is also exclusively expensive luxury brands?

This has created a rectangle around Goethestraße that is really something to be proud of, thanks to the attractive shops in the upscale, but also partly affordable segment. In addition to the men's outfitters, who naturally match the proximity of the banks such as cleaners for shirts and blouses, the "Neue Rothof" in addition to Pinko, the shoe shop „Hogan“,  of the fashion shops „0039 Italy“ as well as the scenebar „H’ugo‘s“ were also established.

Whoever prefers to set their very own trends and shop in vintage shops, Frankfurt offers a lot to browse for, because the ladies from the Taunus region regularly need space in their wardrobes, which means that they feed their designer shoes and clothing back into the value cycle at “Cinderella”. I watched it myself in the shop ;-) Vintage shopping is an idea that I personally really like. Read more about Vintage-Shopping here.

Do you have tips for shopping beyond the known ways? Which stores do you like to visit?

· Weekday, Kaiserstraße 8, 60311 Frankfurt

· Pinko, Neue Rothof, 60311 Frankfurt

· Aschenputtel, Kleinmarkthalle 11, 60311 Frankfurt

· Bridge Quarter, Brückenstraße/Wallstraße, 60594 Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

· Berger Straße, (From underground station Höhenstraße to Merianplatz)

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