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No book with seven seals: seven book places

09.10.2015 | 08:24 Clock | Free time
No book with seven seals: seven book places
No book with seven seals: seven book places
No book with seven seals: seven book places

What a crazy city Frankfurt is, we have just experienced at the weekend at the unification celebration. What impressions and pictures. I couldn't have imagined a better place to celebrate. Other places can pack up right now. :-) Anyway, I just think life here is really nice. So let's think about it: it's just like autumn, tired in the morning, the leaves are strolling around on the earth, but the first depression is sneaking up on you. This is certainly the case for everyone outside Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region. They look cloudy at the raindrops that knock on their windows and sigh. Quite different here: because we can experience the autumn better than with a bombastic book, whether real or virtual is just put there. But for the sake of simplicity, we'll let all the Kindles be there today….I have to admit that I like to read foreign magazines on the app. But please keep this between us!!! What is autumn life like in Frankfurt like? With so much around the book, it can hardly be better:

There would be of course first of all the Buchmesse. From October 14th to 18th there will be news and this time Indonesia will be the host country. Private visitors can browse on the 17th and 18th, the link leads directly to the ticket purchase. Don't miss: all the readings around the fair, such as in the Portuguese bookstore, the Centro do Livro, that always comes up with fine things with wine and reading. For current information please ask directly.

But what would it be to browse in autumn without a proper crime thriller? The bookshop of our heart is located in Sachsenhausen, Brückenstraße 34. Those who seek advice from the knowledgeable owners in the “Wendeltreppe“ will not leave the good room empty-handed. Or the Stöberstube with wine sale in the Berger Straße? Or the bookstore Dirt in der Arnsburger? Or the Büchercafé Ypsilon? All small treasure troves around the book.

Fabellich also: the bookcases everywhere in the city. What I have already discovered there or left in the hands of another person…..Frankfurt and the books, that is an endless story that will be told for a long time to come.

• Frankfurt Book Fair, Messe
• Centro do Livro, Große Seestraße 47, Bockenheim
• The spiral staircase, Brückenstraße 34, Sachsenhausen
• book and wine, Berger Straße 122, Nordend
• bookshop Schutt, Arnsburger Straße 76, Bornheim
Café Ypsilon, Berger Straße 18, Nordend
’s Here goes to the overview at Bookcases in the districts.

Sabina Brauner is on twitter @WentoManderly and FB.

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