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The Frankfurt Tip Authors:

Sabina Brauner

Sabina Brauner has been living in the Rhine-Main area for more than 15 years and for the longest time in her desired district of Bornheim "because it connects village, city and conviviality in the most livable sense" for her. Nobody strolls through the world with such open eyes as the native of Lower Saxony, who prefers to share her discoveries with her fellow human beings on the Internet. The American and political scientist founded the blog "So nur in Frankfurt" in 2007 and is also Frankfurt's first over 40 fashion blogger on "Oceanblue Style". Here she writes mainly about lifestyle and fashion.

November Lust - With Golden Flair, Big Pee Trees and Funny Monster Kids

01.12.2019 | 18:17 Clock | Free time
November Lust - With Golden Flair, Big Pee Trees and Funny Monster Kids
November Lust - With Golden Flair, Big Pee Trees and Funny Monster Kids
November Lust - With Golden Flair, Big Pee Trees and Funny Monster Kids

November is often regarded as a depressing month: grey, wet and cold.

There you are drawn to the sofa after work, with a glass of wine or a hot ginger tea and good. In fact, today I want to stir the drum for the eleventh month of the year, because he has so much adventure and comedy to offer outside. Starting with the colours of nature: gold, mustard and green have been in full bloom for a few weeks, bringing a golden note to the Rhine-Main area, forests and parks. Chestnuts like beech trees change from green to yellow and rich mustard at the ramparts or green oases like the Huthpark. A strong red here and there adds the horse chestnut as a bright spot of colour.

Start your autumn adventure best at the Old Airfield in Bonames, which receives you with willows, poplar and birches. The special of nature in the north of Frankfurt? Wet areas on the Nidda and wild growing trees. My tip for everyone who wants to experience something with children - have a look at the Fire Brigade Museum!

Read more about the old airfield in my detailed post.

Exotic nature in the inner city, extensive areas along the Nidda and huge beeches in the Huthpark

Who doesn't roam the area outside now is missing the autumn show that nature is performing right now.

So the Huthpark (near Seckbach in the east of Frankfurt) is famous for its huge old red beeches, the "Nizza" at the Untermainkai for its rare exotic and Mediterranean tree species, the Volkspark Niddatal for its extensive wooded areas with native trees, which offer the animal world various hiding places and food.

Each green area has its own character and always offers recreation, fresh air and a variety of movement possibilities.

Where stands Frankfurt's thickest tree?

In Frankfurt's parks and green areas, just under 122 grow throughout the city.000 trees, all recorded in the tree register of the Grünflächenamt.

Frankfurt's "thickest" park tree, a plane tree from the year 1820 and a trunk diameter of 201 cm, can be admired in the Bocken­heimer plant at Nebbienschen Gartenhaus.

The variety in Frankfurt's green spaces is amazing: 417 different genera, species and varieties of trees can be discovered. 

>With 68 hectares more than twice the size of the Grüneburgpark in Nordend, Frankfurt's main cemetery is  

Over 6,100 trees make it a very special place to pause - a refuge in the midst of everyday stress. Just like the district cemeteries, it has valuable trees, such as the hanging beech on the old portal. 

Comic on the route: Monster children and Pinkelbaum

The green belt at the old airfield in Bonames, for example, not only offers a natural paradise, but also amuses visitors with the funny green armadillo that looks boldly at you.

The Frankfurt cartoonist F. K. Waechter (1937-2005) made a series of sketches with comic art on trees which he donated to the city of Frankfurt. 

For seven of his ideas suitable trees could already be found, they all stand along the GrünGürtel­circular hiking trail. 

Small madness like in baroque 

There are "monster children" lying under an old oak tree, an owl in a Norwegian sweater sitting on a tree or a squirrel walking­ king from one tree to the next - over a number of his subjects. 

And at the Jacobi­weiher there is even a tree that pees back after being "pissed on for 300 years". 

Fun Fact: At six hectares, the pond is the largest still water in our city.  The works of art continue in a modern form, which was already popular as little craziness in baroque gardens with princes and people. 

Frankfurt's komi­sche trees are quiet and un hy;d;h;e, but perhaps all the more effective. For a walk along the Nidda or in the ramparts, however, make sure you dress warmly in wet and cold weather.

Have you already discovered these strange trees? And how do you experience November?

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