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On French tracks in Frankfurt

29.09.2017 | 08:44 Clock | Enjoyment
On French tracks in Frankfurt
On French tracks in Frankfurt
On French tracks in Frankfurt

Love, enjoyment and fine arts - when France is the guest country of the Book Fair in October, couldn't the themes be hotter!  Is there anyone who doesn't rave about our neighbours on the left? For the rough coast of Normandy in the north of the country, the sweet lavender fields of Provence and the much-loved capital Paris with its characteristic 19th century architecture? You see, I am only in the first paragraph and already completely untypically exuberant - this is the Gallic effect ;-)

As a 17-year-old I have fallen for the temptations of France so to speak: I lived in a family for a week, went to Joelle to school and the father called me Gertrude because he found it so beautiful German. I took revenge by calling him "Francois" all the time. Of course I wanted to learn French instead of Latin because the language sounded so elegant. Unfortunately, it was a very one-sided love on my part: French didn't like me and my teacher wasn't enthusiastic about my efforts either. But if you love, you won't be discouraged and so I decided to go on to the neighbouring country. And after a Roséwein the forgotten vocabulary also flows again as if by itself……


But what has Frankfurt got to do with the French now, you probably think, except for the fact that many of them have moved to the Main for love's sake. 4,500 of them have a French passport. I can testify to this, because my French colleague (strict Catholic)  lives with her German husband, her five children here and wraps them all with her charming accent, which she hasn't taken off in many years in Germany either, around the Fiiingör.

However, the city and country of the Franks connects not only the love and the names of the Franks. In fact, during my research, I came across numerous traces of the French way of life here with us. I'm not going to bring you Café au Lait, because he's as good as German, isn't he? But to jump right in the middle: delicious tartes? Mussels like on the Atlantic coast? Anyone who wants to indulge in pleasure is well served in Frankfurt. Both the Brasserie du Sud and the Brasserie du Sud not only impress with their typical wicker chairs, but also with a fine card. And Chalet 18 in Bockenheim is tiny, so the few places are all the more popular. And for good reason, which has to do not only with the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant, but also. Anyone who wants to spend a romantic evening is in excellent hands there. I don't have to mention that reservation is recommended? For a detailed list of French restaurants and cafes, take a look at my post „ Oh là là - French flair in Frankfurt“

With so much enjoyment, it goes without saying that the Book Fair is also dedicated to the topic “Food“? When the cookbook community meets, there will also be its own Instawalk.

The Städel Museum has already advanced and is showing one of the best-known French painters Henry Matisse in his friendship with Bonnard since mid-September. Is it worth it, do you like one question or another? Yes, I may say so. I visited Matisse in the South of France and was completely fascinated. So what the Städel is showing is a piece of cream! I don't want to miss that here either.

Frankfurt and France are closer than ever. And this is not only due to the new President Macron, who wants to come to the opening of the book knives. Which one of you doesn't walk past the Paulskirche every now and then? Even though Frankfurt did not become the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany after 1949, one of the most important symbols of political freedom - the Paulskirche - stands here on the Main. In addition to love, ideals and delicacies, the French traces lead not least to where many first take a look at Frankfurt when they arrive here: to the main railway station. When I wanted to settle down in the city, I was fascinated by the beauty of the Gründerzeit houses and the rough atmosphere and spent a lot of time taking photographs in the station quarter, which was built after the French model! Vive la France en Francfort.  And who has now already desire on benefit, which goes equal times on a Culinary journey through Frankfurt. 

And now tell me, what's your deal with France?

· Instawalk, 13.10. 14-16.00 h The Gourmet Gallery of the Book Fair invites you

· Paulskirche, Paulsplatz, Innenstadt

· Maaschanz Restaurant, Färberstraße 75, 60594 Frankfurt,  Sachsenhausen

· Café Croquant;, Europa Allee 79, 60329 Frankfurt

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