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Pub Quiz - Frankfurt is looking for the Ratefuchs

01.03.2019 | 08:50 Clock | Free time
Pub Quiz - Frankfurt is looking for the Ratefuchs
Pub Quiz - Frankfurt is looking for the Ratefuchs

Do you like to spend an entertaining evening? Do you like to crack hard nuts? Then today I have something quite fabulous: A pub quiz - something I play regularly in my language courses with my students. 

Early of the month now the German Quizverein Ratespiele in the whole republic, of course also here with us in Frankfurt. It will be played on 4 March at the Irish Pub in Bornheim. You can register on the website of the association. 

A special cup will be awarded to the topic “Art and Culture“ in addition to a city prize. In the competition, 100 questions must be answered within 60 minutes in a total of ten rounds. 

If that seems familiar to anyone, then you're right. The so-called “Pub Quizzes“ we are talking about here were role models for the game “Who wants to be a millionaire“. Incredible questions have to be answered. Some things you know with a solid general education. Other questions can drive you crazy. Then we know that it is actually time for a reliable telephone jockey. Because the audience doesn't always know more than we do ;-) 

How do Pub Quizzes? 

Now the German Championships take place. In fact, however, the Rhine-Main region is an excellent place to guess all year round. With questions like in “Trivial Pursuit“ from the areas of triviality, politics, anatomy, with quotations or natural sciences  

The team plays differently than on TV. Nobody has to crack the hard nuts alone. There's no million for that either, but an incredible amount of fun. And also small prices. The last time my students were very happy about new notebooks. But the focus is on fun. Fun, joy and wit - of course everything comes from the masters of good entertainment, the English. Of course it is advisable to consult as quietly as possible, so that the troupe at the next table doesn't listen in on something - unsuspecting as they look ;-) 

Prices get the first three, the rest go home with the feeling of having had a fabulous evening. But if you don't feel like waiting a long time for a place in the team and love a challenge, you can put together your own puzzle for the superduper game evening with friends at home. 

The rest? Can be placed on a waiting list if necessary and throws himself into the rat race. Among other things, the following is eagerly recommended in: 

Irish Pub, Berger Straße 255, Frankfurt-Bornheim, Tel. 069/80060368

The game is played in two languages, German and English. 

Good luck!

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