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Ran to the medlar

18.01.2019 | 09:48 Clock | Enjoyment
Ran to the medlar
Ran to the medlar
Ran to the medlar

Who knows this fruit? Who saw her? Has anyone tried them yet? When it comes to Frankfurt delicacies, the medlar is at the top of my list.

The reactions of friends, colleagues and acquaintances to the question whether they had tried “Mispelchen“ and their delight, when I explained it to them, showed me that I had neglected the topic here in the blog until now ;-)

So today it's called: Let's get to the Mispel! I will reveal the most important secrets around the medlar and hope for your active support in the comments to share our wealth of experience!

First things first: What is a medlar?

This is the name for a drink with Calvados (apple schnapps!) and a medlar in alcohol (from the can)

Where is the apple? In the schnapps! That one's from France. Probably the Isenburg Huguenots who migrated to the region are to blame.

Where does the Mispel? This is a very good question. My physiotherapist comes from Spain and knew as soon as I mentioned the fruit. Your kids love to eat the pomaceous fruit. In Germany and Hessen the Mispel grows rarely. In Japan the fruit is almost cult.

What does it look like? A little like a plum in soft orange. The skin is easy to peel off. They are juicy-sour and smell a little like roses. No wonder, the medlar belongs to the rose family. So far, so fresh. So southern. The local medlars are very distant relatives of the tender variety.

When is the harvest time for the local medlars? In late autumn, as with the apples. Like the quince she likes frost.

Where can I get medlars in tins? Meanwhile in every well-stocked supermarket. The Kaufhaus Hessen offers pretty souvenirs.

How long do I put the fruit in? My girlfriend has been drawing alcohol since November. That may be a little too long. But I asked around once: the medlar should already be lying for six weeks.

What else do I do with the medlar if it is not supposed to be alcohol? Of course there is nothing that does not exist. And so you can imagine that the medlar can be used for sauces, caramelized, as marmalade, syrup, or or or. So the recipe for Mispel-Blechkuchen is actually the most sought after online.

Whether with or without alcohol - probably gets’s! Where in Frankfurt can you order the Mispelchen? In every well sorted pub and bar - a cool overview can be found in the brand-new FRANKFURT TIPP GUIDE 2019.

So and now I hope for your experiences. Where do you like to drink the medlar? And have you used it while cooking or brewed your own liqueur?

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