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Shady Places: Five Hidden Pubs and Cafés

20.07.2018 | 07:50 Clock | Enjoyment
Shady Places: Five Hidden Pubs and Cafés
Shady Places: Five Hidden Pubs and Cafés
Shady Places: Five Hidden Pubs and Cafés

Probably it is because of the sunshine that summer is currently spoiling us that I have to think about shadows and hidden places this week. Maybe it was just because I was having a good time when I was walking my dog Kelly through a café café where I wouldn't have guessed it at all.

It belongs in the category “good and enjoyable“. One of those places I had already introduced here as lovable - but not necessarily cool. I wouldn't immediately suspect him in a travel guide. Rather, describe them as local refreshment points where locals actually go. Such charmingly hidden places can be found both in the east of Frankfurt and in the west of the city.

Let's take the “Good Mare“ for example. Rather small on the outside and hidden thickly covered in green, it looks like one of the many typical pubs in Frankfurt's Gallus quarter. The charm of the good mare can only be captured during a visit. Here's the best spot for an honest bar, at the bar. And the people who lead the mare are so old that they remember the D-Mark like I do. ;-) The guest can expect Latin Sounds in the varied program. Otherwise the marvel of the mare still remains in the barroom. Keywords: Honest beer, Eintracht and young editors of the following F.A.Z.

Taverns between Gallus, railway station and Main

The exciting Gutleutviertel, which many would probably call “Edgy“ in urban terms, between Gallus and the railway station quarter towards the Main, is located between Gallus and the railway station quarter. What's that supposed to mean? Multicultural inhabitants live in old buildings, which are then replaced out of town by industrial plants. When I drive out of the city, only the buildings of the post office pass me forever, so that I don't expect a restaurant anymore than suddenly an orange sign with the inscription on the green central strip in front of the motorway bridge: „Orange Beach“ appears that points to the left.

My car rumbles over the gravel and it seems to me rather as if I want to dispose of my scrap at the FES than that a beach bar could open up here. A pleasantly wide, empty area then appears in front of you, which does not cause any parking problems in the first place. Well, and when I turn onto the narrow path at the Main behind rusty containers, palm, sand and beach chair await me. One afternoon during the week, pleasantly relaxed and quiet. Ideal for reading, drinking coffee and watching the water splash.

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The Beachclub calls itself “the second most beautiful hiding place under the sun“, which is not exaggerated now. As so often in Frankfurt is behind the new bar an old, converted water house. Beer, grilled food and live music attract a loyal audience that raves about the cosy ambience and the friendly service.

Also, who reads here regularly, knows my slightly flat humor. But the fact that someone opens a café right next to a cemetery (okay, strictly speaking the faded rest over the street in Bornheim) is very bizarre and therefore almost cool again. Stylishly kept in plain brown in the interior design with pretty, fresh leaf green on the tables, the Café Coo Coo hides between the Günthersburgpark and the cemetery nursery, shaded under trees. More idyll is hardly possible!

The owner is a qualified coffee sommelier, and the whole restaurant seems really incredibly chic and puristic in the best sense of the word. The biggest plus for me is the outdoor terrace, which borders the nursery and is therefore surrounded by a sea of flowers.

I am sure you know other lovely hiding places in Frankfurt. Do you have a favorite? Then write to us on Facebook!

· Good mare Kölner Straße 42, 60327 Frankfurt, Germany, smoking pub with horse at the bar.

· Orange Beach with beach chair, sand and palm - at the Main naturally
Gutleutstraße 391, 60327 Frankfurt

· Café Coo Coo - the chic idyll with a tiny creepy factor in the middle of the green, which offers homemade chocolates and cakes next to its own roasting plant, Dortelweiler Strasse 87, 60389 Frankfurt

· Hidden in the north of Frankfurt and always worth a visit: The Old airfield Bonames, Am Burghof 55, 60437 Frankfurt

· Blue water, the restaurant directly on the Main River previously housed a nudist club. But that's not the only exciting thing about it. Read more about it including address here on Frankfurt-Tipp from colleagues.

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