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The sweet idleness - refreshing and relaxing

02.06.2017 | 08:17 Clock | Enjoyment
The sweet idleness - refreshing and relaxing
The sweet idleness - refreshing and relaxing
The sweet idleness - refreshing and relaxing

The heat has indeed an understanding for short moments. This is a good thing, because my body slowly fell into the stage of a boiled lobster:  So softly boiled I am more after sweet doing nothing than after some effort.

Or have I already fallen into delirium? ;-) Instead of at my desk, I see myself lolling on lovely hills like Goethe in Italy: Ceiling spread out, on the left the cool white wine, on the right the picnic basket. So a little Italian "Dolce far niente" is just right for me at said temperatures. Because Frankfurt has to offer nevertheless actually some places, where idlers come so correctly at their expense.

Ums costs better said - taste -, it goes approximately in the “pantry Fattoria La Vialla“. Some may not have heard of it yet, but many have already ordered the Italian organic products from “La Vialla“ from the farm in the Chianti region of Italy.

So if I feel like it now, I don't even have to roar for hours across the Brenner in a southerly direction, but can pedal my bike in the direction of the classic city in the north-west. This is where the piece of Tuscany with all its delicacies is located.

The “Fattoria“ is a lovingly traditional place to taste new wines and culinary specialities or to drop by with friends to choose a gift basket. Just yesterday I was sitting at a wooden table with a red and white tablecloth with four other guests at noon. Fusili had a very family atmosphere with tomato sauce. Whoever wanted to tried crispy bread with olive oil or various pestos and cheese in a chat with the table neighbors. Hmmmmmm….what a sensory experience: I just say - suddenly pine groves and the picturesque market place of Luca in Tuscany were very close.

Oh, I also managed to learn the sommelier's favourite recipe for a fresh summer drink: It consists of ½ Fragolina (A puree of fresh strawberries - a popular classic) as well as 1 bottle of Chiassaie (sparkling wine). I've tasted it altruistically…..:)

When I have less time, but still want to enjoy it, I like to relax during the day with a short espresso. Or currently: Iced coffee. By the way, am I the only one here who is addicted to this cold drink during summer time or is it the same for you?

But I don't take any ;-) No, I'm picky about that. The Italian variant of my taste comes in light brown and mixes ice cream with coffee. So if I want to indulge myself, I prefer to go to “Illy“. The Café is in itself a visual sensation with its black and red interior. Italy at its best. And the iced coffee? Just tastes fine. Thus the summer can be endured, because “pleasure is the word by which one describes intimate pleasure“, already knew the good Immanuel Kant. 

Often women find moments of leisure while drinking coffee and men while eating. Both work for me. Is that how you do it? For those of you who like to indulge body and soul with Mediterranean cuisine, I have two special restaurants. Buon appetito!

La Vialla>/b>, Cassellastraße 30-32, 60386 Frankfurt, access via Orber Straße, building E

Esspressamento illy, An der Welle 3, 60322 Frankfurt

Da Paolo, Oppenheimer Landstrasse 49, 60596 Frankfurt

Colosseo, Mörfelder Landstraße 122,  60598 Frankfurt

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