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This is how it works: the spring check for two-wheelers

05.05.2017 | 07:36 Clock | Free time
This is how it works: the spring check for two-wheelers
This is how it works: the spring check for two-wheelers
This is how it works: the spring check for two-wheelers

When the bike is in good shape, people are happy. My neighbour bikes bravely in wind and weather through the area. I'd rather get back in the saddle in spring. But I'm not the only one. When the sun shone so brightly last Sunday, almost every inhabitant must have dusted off his bike. Wheels where I only looked!

After the winter I am annoyed mostly by crackling chains, lax brakes or worn tires. This spring everything will be different. I lead the good old bicycle to the inspection. Thanks to my neighbor who cares for his bikes. How well everything worked! It's so much fun to pedal!

A few weeks ago there was a huge wave at the bike repair shops. Even appointments had to be made in advance, I've heard. Now it's bad weather, but at the latest at the weekend sunshine is threatening and then everyone is walking to the “bike check“. In addition one or the other of the country wide day of action „With the wheel to the work“ from yesterday Thursday inspired and pedalt in the future still more frequently!

However what costs actually such an inspection?

The prices, mostly flat rates, vary between 30 and 60 Euro depending on the season. The shops also differ in the time they estimate for the inspection: some get the bike back into shape on the same day, others estimate it to take three days. Which personally doesn't bother me if the store is around the corner.

Otherwise, what I do with my car applies to me during the inspection: Arrangements before a more complex repair as well as ask, what is settled. As a rule, these are the necessary standards such as tightening spokes and screws, adjusting gears, checking chain tension and lubrication, tire tread and pressure, as well as brakes and light.

If the appointment takes some time: You can do it yourself, especially when oiling the chain. Maybe I will book a full-day bicycle technology course at the ADFC Frankfurt? I'm sure next spring will come.

Der Kettenesel, Gutzkowstraße 47, 60594 Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen

Mechanisches Atelier, Homburger Straße 26, 60486 Frankfurt, Preungesheim

Bicycle shop Radschlag

, Hallgartenstraße 56, 60389 Frankfurt

link _blank>Bicycle Böttgen

, Große Spillingsgasse 8 -14, 60385 Frankfurt, Bornheim

Bicycle-Stadler, Borsigallee 23, 60388 Frankfurt, Bergen-Enkheim, near Hessen-Center

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