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Viva Mexico: What is it about burritos and Co?

03.03.2017 | 11:09 Clock | Enjoyment
Viva Mexico: What is it about burritos and Co?
Viva Mexico: What is it about burritos and Co?

Like speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in Mexico, the restaurants are springing up with Central American delicacies at the moment. I'm not surprised, because the kitchen is ideal for everyone who loves it spicy and down-to-earth like me. They hand me a plate of rice and beans, a tortilla, and I leave almost every oyster for it.

However, what is it actually about Burrito and Co.? In Mexican cuisine it's all about the whole thing: many individual parts wrapped in a tortilla, the thin, flexible corn flat cakes, then make a nice, thick, tasty package. Garnished with salsa, avocado and sour cream, the sky is so close. The Mexican burritos were created as food for on the way that the workers got from home; so it is quasi the stulle of Central America.

The basics are simple: rice as a side dish and bean puree. The mouse won't bite a thread off - beans as mush, please. Not whole beans like Grandma's stew. If you like them, please, but on my personal list you get a point deduction. Now, let's get back to basics: Grated cheese, wrap - ready. Yeah, that's it. Delicious food doesn't have to be fancy. No vegetables, no nothing. The very best of it? Makes children a lot of fun and all people full of cardboard. Which, as you know, is good for the soul! :-)

The Mexican cuisine, which is now based in Frankfurt, is at home in North America. This is why it is often referred to as “Tex-Mex“: typical Texan elements such as cheese, meat, beans and spices are paired with Mexican tortillas.

If you like a little Chichi on your plate, you should try Enchiladas: only the spicy chili-pepper sauce, which is the main part of the dish, makes you cry tears of joy.  Everything that can be rolled up is wrapped, regional differences in the ingredients are of course a prerequisite.

Or how about chicken fajitas? Marinated, grilled meat, paprika and onions are placed in a corn or flour tortilla. Now what's the difference between a taco and a burrito?

Always pure with the filling in both, but it depends on the wrapping. Are all contents tasty and securely wrapped like a baby, only top is perhaps open? Bravo, burrito! If the composition is more reminiscent of a half moon, a taco is involved. These can come as beef, fish or chicken mix. So the Mexican kitchen likes to pack. Why is that? “In a tortilla everything tastes better“, the American crime novelist Don Winslow had his private detective Boon ascertain on the beach in southern California's San Diego. That's how simple life can be.

Tastes good in Frankfurt for me

El Pacifico Sandweg 79, 60316 Frankfurt

3 x in Frankfurt: Yumas,

Berger Straße 98, 60316 Frankfurt (Bornheim),

Feuer­bach­str. 46
60325 Frank­furt am Main,

Baseler Str. 10
60329 Frank­furt am Main

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