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Sabina Brauner

Sabina Brauner has been living in the Rhine-Main area for more than 15 years and for the longest time in her desired district of Bornheim "because it connects village, city and conviviality in the most livable sense" for her. Nobody strolls through the world with such open eyes as the native of Lower Saxony, who prefers to share her discoveries with her fellow human beings on the Internet. The American and political scientist founded the blog "So nur in Frankfurt" in 2007 and is also Frankfurt's first over 40 fashion blogger on "Oceanblue Style". Here she writes mainly about lifestyle and fashion.

What a crazy-May

12.05.2017 | 06:38 Clock | Frankfurt
What a crazy-May
What a crazy-May

You know what? May has been insane so far. And when I look around, it just gets better for the rest of the month. Don't you think? It's true, and I even have proof! Granted, it may have rained a little bit. But always remember the allergy sufferers, right? The rain is also like visiting a dentist. Everything will be forgotten afterwards. Once it's 20 degrees, zap - good mood. I spent the afternoon in the café thinking creatively about coffee with milk and strawberry tartlets. By the way, there was no free table on Berger Straße last night, because it was so beautiful outside. Was that all of you???

Always I get the impression that Frankfurt is developing into a city that never sleeps. Now envious people will think again, what are the Frankfurters doing thick again! Nothing there, it's true. Just look what's going on in the city right now. (We don't need to have any complexes across the pond from the big Manhattan just because we actually rest at night. The New Yorkers don't fold down their sidewalks until about six o'clock in the morning as any jetlag victim can report.)

Why I can't sleep at all this week:

· Insanity at the weekend - The “Stilblüten“ are back. From 13 to 14 May you can meet designers in person, discover fashion, bags, hats and jewellery in manufactory quality. And then feast on streetfood and groove to the music of DJs. I am just looking for a cool and fashionable little something for a good friend. I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for at the Fashion and Design Festival. Rarely do I enjoy browsing so much! The late-night shopping until midnight in the Brückenviertel is always a fixed date in my calendar. In the dark the purchase decisions are somehow easier *laugh* You can find all details and information about the opening hours under FRANKFURT AKTUELL.

· Who doesn't like barbecuing in the green? For the brave this weekend: Picnic in the Museum Park!!!  Parallel to the exhibition “Picnic in the Green, déjeuner sur l’herbe -„ in the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) the exhibition organizers invite you to picnic. The common eating in nature is a worldwide phenomenon. Next Sunday you can do the same as the British, and  despite the bad weather, open up optimistically for a picnic! It is best to bring your own blanket, food and umbrella!


Opportunity to visit the exhibition is, of course, also available: currently, a revival of the picnic can be observed especially in the big western cities, whether at the stylishly arranged “Dîner en Blanc“ or during cheerful excursions into the countryside with child, cone and folding grill. Picnic Time is the first major exhibition to deal comprehensively with the phenomenon of picnics. From 6 May to 17 September 2017, the show at the MAK will follow the fascination of open-air dining through different times and cultures. What does a sumptuous meal look like during the royal rowing regatta in Henley, England, how do you picnic on the highest mountains in the world, like in the Orient or in Japan the cherry blossom?

· The very special madness: The Green Sauce Festival . This is really the ultimate insider tip. No frankfurter will miss this. And so the guest tent at the Roßmarkt will be packed for the 10th time. On eight days and evenings the “Frankfurt national dish“ is celebrated“ with its seven herbs of sorrel, borage, chervil, cress, parsley, pimpinelle and cut leaves. What I really want to try out: the market for lunch. Because the culinary hustle and bustle around the marquee every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. promises far more than the classic version of “Grie Sauce‘ with eggs and potatoes“. Belgian fries for example…hmmmmmm….

Although almost all tickets are sold out, I did some research for you: the department store Hessen in Bornheim had three tables free on Thursday afternoon. So: be faster than fast and access! What the Green Sauce Day is all about, you can find out HERE!

I wish you a great week!

Stilblüten, Schulstraße 1a, exhibition hall, 60594 Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen). Due to the dramatic lack of parking space in the city, the best way to get there is by subway or bike. Should the good piece not yet be roadworthy after the winter, I wrote down last week for you how and where you can get your bike back on the road.

Museum Angewandte Kunst: Picnic in the park, Sunday 13 to 18 o'clock,  Schaumainkai 17, 60594 Frankfurt (Museumsufer)
Wo: In the Metzlerpark around the kitchen container from Kitchen on the Run and together with Über dem Tellerrand Frankfurt e.V.

Hessen department store in Bornheim, Berger Straße 288, 60385 Frankfurt

Green sauce festival, from 13th to 20th May, Roßmarkt

This is how it works: the spring check for two-wheelers
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