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Winter in Frankfurt: A Question of Nerves and Light

20.01.2017 | 09:38 Clock | Frankfurt
Winter in Frankfurt: A Question of Nerves and Light
Winter in Frankfurt: A Question of Nerves and Light
Winter in Frankfurt: A Question of Nerves and Light

When it's winter in our latitudes, many complain about too little light: it gets dark far too early. If then also a cloud cover presses on the city, it feels as if the day has not even really awakened and the mood does not come out of the basement at all. Some like to run to the solarium, who can and wants, flees to the south, a friend squats at home in front of her little "vitamin D lamp".

Yes, winter in Frankfurt is not for cowards! I don't want to discourage anyone, but the sun in our region dares to come out for just one or two hours a day on average between November and January. In addition, we are located in one of the climatically warmest regions of Germany. Weather-wise, there is little going on here: mild and comparatively little precipitation, snow included! So, goodbye beautiful winter landscape.

Just now winter is spoiling us with some sunny days, where the light spreads a very unique mood: with faint colour contrasts it lays over the cold. Whoever I've talked to these days: the fine rays make it easier for many to endure the sub-zero temperatures. So it's not a bad idea for the Palmengarten to invite you to the "Winter Light" exhibition to brighten up the season.

Until Sunday, installations for children and adults will illuminate the plant world in the evening hours and transform the garden into a dreamscape. Storytellers take children and adults on a journey into mysterious worlds. The paths are transformed by artistic light objects as well as sound and video installations into an adventure path through the winter. The cosy ambience in the gallery at the Palm House invites you to visit the Christmas exhibition and to warm up and linger in the Café WINTER LIGHTERS. Well, isn't that something?

In contrast, the curious will receive completely different illuminating impressions at the International Theatre on 28 January: the Masonic Lodge "Carl zum aufgehenden Licht" is holding a public benefit evening.
Sounds exciting, doesn't it? But the winter is exciting enough for me because of the crime novels on the coffee table: "The Frozen Light", an Icelandic crime novel by Yrsa Sigurdardottir is still waiting just like "Death in the Light of the Luminale", a Frankfurt crime novel by Hanna Hartmann. By the way, fine news for creeps and horror can always be found in the crime bookstore "Die Wendeltreppe". When the goose bumps really tingle, then the weather outside the door doesn't matter!

The Spiral Staircase, Brückenstraße 34, 60594 Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
Internationales Theater, Hanauer Landstraße 5-7, 60314 Frankfurt (Zoo-Passage)
Palmengarten, Siesmayerstraße 61, 60322 Frankfurt (Westend), tgl. 17-22 Uhr

A Question of Soup
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