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The Alte Gasse - Is this Frankfurt's most exciting street?

10.09.2019 | 08:09 Clock | Celebrate
The Alte Gasse - Is this Frankfurt's most exciting street?
The Alte Gasse - Is this Frankfurt's most exciting street?
The Alte Gasse - Is this Frankfurt's most exciting street?

Small and short - not even a real street and with a pretty convenient name, that's the "Alte Gasse". Quick to drive through, it is, too. In the city centre, it connects the roundabout at Klaus-Mann-Platz with the busy Bleichstraße. Who pays attention to this small section, which finally joins Peterstraße at the Wallanlagen at the level of the Escheinheimer Anlage? Who even knows it?

So little noticed it was not always. In the past, for example, the cattle market was moved from Rossmarkt to Alte Gasse in 1822.

The small, fine street between Bleichstraße and Schäfergasse

But back to the question of which street is the most exciting here at home? Sure, Brückenstraße, Berger, Wallstraße, Oeder Weg, these are certainly sections that many would spontaneously think of if asked. Until recently, I probably would have answered similarly.

But today I want to share with you what can be discovered in the Alte Gasse, because the little street is worth a detour.

Why? Because a piece of Frankfurt with its very typical character can be discovered there.

1.As always, it's the mix of new, hip shops, international eateries, cool shops, galleries even and local pubs that makes it.
Indeed, there is a great variety to be found in the alley, an interior decorator, kiosk, furniture shop, nail salon, the hip crime shop complete with Café Tia Emma, different restaurants and takeaways.

2.The architectural gems. Directly still at the roundabout at Klaus Mann Platz is the "Eldorado" cinema, with its curved front reminiscent of Art Deco

The Alte Gasse itself may be short, but a side arm gives left hand a visual axis to the St. Peterkirche.

Directly opposite you'll find the Krawallschachtel. The house dates back to the 16th century. The bar is described as quaint, its bartenders praised to the skies by visitors. The Krawallschachtel itself advertises itself with the slogan of being the coziest pub in Frankfurt since 1562 (!)!

That's quite an announcement ;-)

At all the architecture: Plain residential buildings mix with classicist and medieval treasures, as so often in our city. What's special here is that the different styles couldn't be closer together, creating an exciting mix and atmosphere.

3.The Food Trends. Korean cuisine can be found there as well as the "beet root", which entices with healthy and modern cuisine.
Or do you just feel like having a coffee in the green? Your grandma is visiting? Then why not settle down with her in the velvet armchairs at the Wasserhäuschen in the Wallanlagen. There the kiosk "Fein" opens its doors from 12 noon. A children's playground is also nearby!

Apropos children! For the youngsters. great toys can be discovered at "Tia Emma", as insiders have known for a long time!

Just as the "Revier4" on Peterstraße is the absolute number one in the city for fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen with its range of unusual looks that you can't find everywhere.

Our Gass should become more beautiful

Just this summer, a local initiative met with city representatives to upgrade Alte Gasse wie die Rundschau berichtete: Tempo 30, would be worthwhile to look at leisurely pace times left and right in the pretty shops like the One World Shop!

If it goes according to the wishes of the residents, then in the Old Alley also more trees should grow.

The Old Alley was, of course, once again the scene of AIDS Relief's summer festival in 2019, having been known as a gay night out district for many years. As if that were not enough, the short alley also has an African flair. Which is not least due to the restaurant there, of course. And the shop "Africa", where fashionistas can currently find very cool batik fashion and scarves.

Then we are but already out of the small street, in which there is a shop in every house. The owner-operated shops give the Alte Gasse its unique, endearing charm. It may be smaller than Berger, but the short section on the edge of the city centre doesn't have to hide.

In a nutshell, Alte Gasse is ideal for showing your visitors a different side of Frankfurt as you march them through the city. Or, if you just want to stroll around and discover something new.

Which street is the most exciting in Frankfurt for you?

beet root, Alte Gasse 27, 60313 Frankfurt, daily 11am - 6pm, closed Sun.

Tia Emma, Alte Gasse Alte Gasse 4, Mon-Fri 10am-1pm, Sat 10am-4pm,

Perlenmarkt, Alte Gasse 14-16,, Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 11am-6pm

AFRIKA, Peterstraße 2, 60313 Frankfurt

Revier 4, Peterstraße 4, 60313 Frankfurt, Thu, Fri, Mon, Tue, Wed 11am - 8pm, Sat 10am - 7pm, Sun closed,

Krawallschachtel, Alte Gasse 24, 60313 Frankfurt, Thu, Fri, Tue, Wed 7 - 6 pm, Sat 5 - 6 pm, Sun, Mon 7 - 1 pm

A contribution by Sabina Brauner

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