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The tree is up

21.11.2014 | 01:28 Clock | Christmas
The tree is up
The tree is up

That there used to be more tinsel is something we've known at least since Loriot. But as soon as the Christmas tree is raised on the Römer in Frankfurt, the perpetual complaints begin: it is too long or too thin. Then again it's too thick, and the long-suffering tree never really looks good. The inhabitants agree on that. Complaining about the Christmas tree is a tradition in Frankfurt - as I understood in my first years as a newcomer and then always interpreted as a particularly peculiar expression of pride in the local, magical Christmas scenery.

Next Wednesday, the Christmas market opens, the 110 year old spruce has been towering over everything for two weeks and once again comes from the beautiful neighboring country of Austria. So if you're looking for a suitable small talk topic over mulled wine, it's best to start with the little tree. And keep in mind that this is a serious topic where the people of Frankfurt don't take any jokes as all city officials know very well.

The market has grown in recent years beyond the area around Paulskirche and Römer to the Zeil towards Hauptwache. But my favourite places for Feuerzangenbowle and Schwenkgrill are, as before, directly opposite the Römer (a friend swears by the Feuerzangenbowlenstand at the Paulskirche, next to the Rotary Club). And in my opinion, culinary delights are still best enjoyed directly on the Main. Have a wonderful Advent season!

Official Opening
Wednesday, 26.11.2014 at 17.00 Uhr
with the Mayor of Frankfurt Peter Feldmann and Grand Prix singer Nicole

<./strong>Römerberg, Paulsplatz and Mainkai, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday 10.00-21.00
Sunday 11.00-21.00 Uhr

More about Christmas Market Frankfurt:

<link http: _blank>

<link http: cms tourismussuite en messen_frankfurt_events weihnachtsmarkt_weihnachten_frankfurt.html _blank>

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