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Welcome 2018: The laid-back city feel of January

05.01.2018 | 09:38 Clock | Frankfurt
Welcome 2018: The laid-back city feel of January
Welcome 2018: The laid-back city feel of January
Welcome 2018: The laid-back city feel of January

Welcome to January 2018! But are you all back already? As empty as Frankfurt is right now, I'd think you're still swinging down the ski slopes - hopefully accident-free. Meanwhile I'm speeding - huiii - along the Allenring, in a fraction of the usual time. The first week of January gives us at home a special city feeling, don't you think?

Last night for example: the Christmas tree is still shining bravely at the Römer, but I miss the cotton candy and mulled wine stalls a bit. On the Zeil the shops lure with their clearance sale (New German: Sale or is that not allowed to be called clearance sale anymore for some reason? If I missed something, feel free to write me!) So SALE - people strolling left and right up and down the Konstabler, French tourists snapping selfies in front of the Paulskirche - in the first week of the new year, there is clearly still a corner of residual tension in the air.


What I also notice about it: the Cafés in the city centre are bang on. In the Bitter and Zart there is just as little a place free in the afternoon as in the Japanese Imori next door or in the Café of the Kunstverein around the corner at the Römerberg. Those who stayed in Frankfurt for the turn of the year, like me, obviously still have free time. After all, I still have Christmas holidays J So there's muse to enjoy the Christmas tree, grab a pair of flannel pajamas at Kaufhof and finally ponder with friends deliciously over cookies about the plans for 2018. Yes, now it's out: what about your resolutions?


After the year is already four days old, I may humbly confess to have successfully implemented my first (and so far only) resolution today: as a midday snack we had avocado toast with tomatoes. You know, because of the balanced diet!

However, I have my doubts whether the huge amounts of fondant eggs can ever be compensated in this life. I hope it's not just me.

Other than that, on the list for good resolutions: Nothing. Which isn't supposed to be so bad, as I just read in the New York Times: Resolutions are better accomplished in slow steps than if I slam my list beastly from day one. "Ahimsa" - "deal lovingly with yourself", as I once learned from my yoga teacher, guarantees more success on the way to the goal than the constant fight against the bastard. Tadaaa - and with that, the next resolution is already here - to go to yoga again regularly, that's my resolution for this year. Best start slow and redeem the voucher for a Thai massage.

How does it work out with your resolutions? Do you have any?

Here are a few tips for all you idlers in the first weeks of January:


Namaste Nepal (the first Nepalese restaurant in Frankfurt)


Exhibition MMK "I am a problem"


Kunstverein, Am Römerberg

Imori and Bitter and Tender, (Innenstadt)

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