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What should I give? 12 ideas for Christmas

07.12.2018 | 11:38 Clock | Gifts
What should I give? 12 ideas for Christmas
What should I give? 12 ideas for Christmas
What should I give? 12 ideas for Christmas

I just emailed my husband the next ideas for my Christmas wish list. In fact, that's how we've been doing it for a while now. We don't give many gifts, but like to give what the other person wants exactly. Other than that, I have two charities that I support throughout the year, one for children here in Frankfurt and one for dogs. That's the balance I've found for myself in the annual gift rush.

For those of you who also like to give gifts, I'll not only tell you Which gift apparently makes Germans the happiest. So also ourselves..But, which finds today in the blog also 12 ideas for festive gifts.

Naturally I understand that many avoid even thinking about it. So anyway, that's how I feel. Because hovering over everything already is "help, I can't think of anything". Finding suitable gifts for several people at once just seems like torture. Who do I give what to?

These stumbling blocks. "What if the other person doesn't like it?" And then also resort to a voucher?

On Facebook I was just reading about the family in which the younger ones naturally only want money, but parents, sister and friend want self-made things, the material value of which must not exceed seven euros. Yeah, phew. Respect! Meanwhile I'll fly to Thailand and let Christmas be Christmas, when I read this...

I don't want to give you ideas for self-made things, because that's not my thing. And I'm sure all the talented and gifted people among you must have started crafting ages ago.

I'm always grateful for a wish list, as I said. So today I have twelve ideas ready for you to give away.

1. Joint spa visit. Frankfurt is full of wellness temples, Thai massages and spas including saunas. Why not give the gift of a joint spa visit? Or of course alternatively a voucher.

I would be very happy about it. Fits nevertheless for the best friend or life companion.

2. ATTENTION: A visit in the thermal spa makes with a fluffy sauna towel or bathrobe immediately so much fun.

3. For mummy or daddy? How about a favorite photo of the grandson or beloved pet on a T-shirt? Surely also suitable for the best colleague.

4. Which friend/brother/father is not happy about an evening together at a beer tasting? naiv, Fahrgasse 6, 60311 Frankfurt

5. Or about a gift basket with exotic beers from all over the world?

6. Jewellery equally suitable for ladies and gentlemen - travel fans! Watch out: A little sea air on your wrist makes you wanderlust. Cool bracelets galore can be found at Adenauer und Co., Neue Kräme 29, 60311 Frankfurt

7. For families: The new Rhein-Main 4 Family coupon book is here! Did I tell you that one of my friends is a total fan of the coupon book? She's guaranteed to pull out a coupon whenever we plan to do something together. I'm fascinated by that. I love it. Makes it more fun!

8. For the techy? A mobile charger always goes. Or a travel adapter.

9. Just "welcome" to the mat? Is so yesterday J Today, we love doormats that tell visitors something about our personal preferences right off the bat.

10. Goodbye plastic: Hello, thermo mugs for on the go.

11. Theme of the year? The new old town! How about a book about the Coronation Walk? "The heart of the new old town" or houses, as atmospheric lamps, recreated?

12. Last but not least: baby clothes like bibs with local colour: "A Hessian does not spill he decorates". Number Eleven and Twelve: Hesse Department Store

What gifts are you most excited about? What do you like to give away?

How do I get into the Christmas mood?
Where does Frankfurt shine the brightest at Christmas?

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