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Ask Dr. Ozzy - audiobook Deutsche Grammophon Literatur

Ask Dr. Ozzy - audiobook

from: Ozzy Osbourne

published: Deutsche Grammophon Literatur

on 30.11.2011

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Amazon Link : Ask Dr. Ozzy - audiobook

Gelesen von Oliver Kalkofe

3 CDs, total runtime: approx. 225 min.

If you are wondering why you have to wash your hands in public toilets only to touch a door handle littered with countless germs again, if you have problems with your dear relatives during the holidays or your partner snores unbearably loudly, if you are afraid of visiting a doctor or seek advice to avoid bad dreams, if you do not want to do without headbanging despite muscle pain or if you have questions about genetic engineering, then there is only one right address for you: "Ask Dr. Ozzy".

Admittedly, at first glance Altrocker Ozzy Osbourne does not seem to be the most trustworthy contact when it comes to questions of a medical, psychological or very private nature. But far from it. Especially because of his very extreme lifestyle, from consuming various drugs and alcoholics to biting off a bat's head on stage, and the fact that Osbourne is an avowed hypochondriac, the "ultimate Rock'n'Roller" has exactly the life experience that a good grief box uncle needs. The Sunday Times, which offered Ozzy exactly this job in May 2010, thought so too. With resounding success. The column became such a popular part of the newspaper that Osbourne decided to present his advice together with previously unpublished material in book form.

Besides the very entertaining book, the whole thing has also appeared as a no less entertaining audio book version, which is read in German by Oliver Kalkofe. The pleasant thing about it is that Kalkofe doesn't even try to imitate Ozzy Osbourne vocally for a moment. Certainly, he reads Osbourne's part in a somewhat rougher voice and also gives the individual letters to the editor in different pitches, but an ozzy imitation is completely omitted. Kalkofe puts his very own stamp on the style of the cult rocker, which leads to the fact that also the German version of this somewhat different guidebook has an enormous entertainment potential.

For over 225 minutes, the listener not only learns about Ozzy's tips for his readers on three CDs, but also learns a lot of amusing and interesting things about the musician's life. Ozzy Osbourne is also not afraid to tell things that don't really put him in a particularly good light. But it is the open approach to such moments that makes the musician so authentic and sympathetic, which is also reflected in the book and the audio book. "Ask Dr. Ozzy" is an incredibly entertaining guidebook which, in addition to a great fun factor and its high entertainment value, can actually offer some good tips for a more pleasant life. So don't hesitate if you have a problem: "Ask Dr. Ozzy"!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp

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