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Banks and banks in Frankfurt am Main Gmeiner Verlag

Banks and banks in Frankfurt am Main

from: Bernd Köstering & Ralf Thee

published: Gmeiner Verlag

on 13.04.2013

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Amazon Link : Banks and banks in Frankfurt am Main

66 favourite places and 11 banking secrets

An unusual discovery tour

There are almost countless books that take the reader to sometimes more, sometimes less well-known places in Frankfurt am Main. It is difficult to find a new, rather unusual approach and not only to present the very well-known sights. Bernd Köstering and Ralf Thee have now achieved this very well in their contribution to Gmeiner Verlag's "Lieblingsplätze" series. In "Von Bänken und Banken in Frankfurt am Main", the two authors present their 66 favourite places in the Main metropolis, with well-known locations such as the Eiserne Steg, the Goetheturm, the Alte Oper or the Frankfurter Zoo alternating with smaller insider tips such as the Orange Peel, the Schwendlersee, the bookstore "Wendeltreppe" or the still rather young Experiminta ScienceCenter. The pitches are presented with full-page illustrations, compressed information such as address, Internet presence or worthwhile localities in the immediate vicinity, as well as with very entertaining accompanying texts.

Subdivided into the categories "past and present", "art and culture", "food and drink", "nature and green" and "river and lake", the book offers the right tip for almost every occasion. No matter whether you want to go for a walk along the banks of Nice or through the palm garden, whether you want to learn something about our forest in the StadtWaldHaus, whether you want to enjoy a kebab from the "Dönerschiff" on the banks of the Main or stroll along Obere Berger Straße and end the evening in the Orange Peel on Kaiserstraße, here you will find the appropriate information and suggestions. The accompanying texts clearly show that Köstering and Thee have one thing in common: their love for the Main metropolis.

And in a concluding chapter they express this love in a particularly charming and original way. They take a seat on eleven benches (and similar seats) in various parts of the city and from here reveal eleven Frankfurt secrets, which certainly not every Frankfurt citizen is familiar with and which, above all, bring a few new sides of the city and its history closer to those who have moved here. Whether the murder case of Rosemarie Nitribitt, the achievements of zoo director Bernhard Grizmek, the oldest residential building in the city centre, the legendary Frankfurter Würstchen or the secret why Frankfurt was not chosen as the federal capital, all this is briefly and concisely, but very entertainingly and informatively illuminated in this part of the book.

"Von Bänken und Banken in Frankfurt am Main" is a book that not only takes readers who are not yet very familiar with Frankfurt, but also long-established Frankfurters on an entertaining and very rewarding discovery tour of the city. So if you would like to visit already known places and at the same time discover new sides of your city, you should definitely let the two authors lead you to their favourite places. Recommended]

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp

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