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Die Mechanische Bratwurst - Die Erfindungen des Schlossermeisters Walter Günther B3 Verlag

Die Mechanische Bratwurst - Die Erfindungen des Schlossermeisters Walter Günther

from: Walter Günther, Matthias Wenger (Fotos)

published: B3 Verlag

on 02.12.2011

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Amazon Link : Die Mechanische Bratwurst - Die Erfindungen des Schlossermeisters Walter Günther

In the past, life pulsated in the backyards of Frankfurt, where a wide variety of companies often did their work. Although the most important shops are now located in bank towers or modern shopping arcades, the fascinating wind of the past still blows in many Frankfurt backyards. This is also the case in a rear building in Nordend, where master locksmith and inventor Walter Günther has his workshop. Inspired by his passion for mechanics, Günther gives free rein to his many ideas here. Sometimes through a direct commission, sometimes simply on a whim, many wonderful apparatuses have been created over the years, which sometimes make Walter Günther appear like the McGyver of Nordends. What the man conjures out of simple everyday objects is simply great.

But since his inventions are all unique and therefore not for sale, Günther came up with the idea of making his apparatuses accessible to the interested public, at least in the form of a book. The result is "Die Mechanische Bratwurst", an entertaining and fascinating illustrated book that not only offers an insight into Walter Günther's workshop, but also presents some of his inventions in greater detail. Günther tells in an informative, amusing and for everyone understandable way how he came up with the ideas for the world's only hand-operated percussion drill or the Bratwurst grill machine that gave the title. A pot with the help of which potatoes can be cooked perfectly (the so-called Aldentomat), a foam kiss throwing machine, a candle that goes out after a certain time or a lighter of a very special kind, all this the interested reader can discover here. And the pitcher guard and the napkin-willer, who was even on the verge of going into production, should of course not be missing.

At a time when technology takes place in tiny electronic parts and is usually only used but not understood by consumers, Walter Günther makes mechanical processes tangible again. The best example of this is a corkscrew that you cannot carry around with you, but in which each individual process can be traced exactly.

The machines from Walter Günther all run completely without electricity, without batteries, but solely through mechanical processes. And through the enormous passion that Günther has put into each of his projects. And this can also be clearly felt in this book. Both in the pictures photographed by Matthias Wenger and in the texts, which are presented not only in German but also in English. A wonderful book that not only leisure tinkerers can be warmly recommended.

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