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Fifty things...that a Hesse must know! Zeitgeist Media GmbH / Klartext Verlag

Fifty things...that a Hesse must know!

from: Reinhard Ehret, Philipp Schild

published: Zeitgeist Media GmbH / Klartext Verlag

on 19.11.2013

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Amazon Link : Fifty things...that a Hesse must know!

A year ago the Hessischer Rundfunk with the help of the listeners of hr3 and the viewers of the hr television "Fifty things... which a Hesse must have done! The result was then presented by the hr3 moderators Anna Lena Dörr and Tobi Kämmerer in entertaining contributions on radio and television and later published as a book. The success of this action almost screamed for a continuation, which is why in 2013 the "Fifty things a Hessian must know..." were also sought. The procedure was the same as last year. After the call to the audience, the results were evaluated and presented on hr3 and on Hessen television. And now finally also the accompanying book is present, which was written like the predecessor by Reinhard Ehret and Philipp Schild and published by the Zeitgeist Media GmbH in co-operation with the Klartext publishing house.

The book leads its readers in fifty informative and entertaining and richly illustrated contributions across Hessen, whereby not only the versatility of this region is once again made clear. The book also shows that, in addition to the many really well-known places and the stories they have to tell, there are also many wonderful things to discover and learn that have so far only been known to a few Hessians. It is simply fun to experience the federal state with all its different facets and its exciting history in such an entertaining way. You can visit the "Yakwilli" in the Rhön, take a trip into the history of the origin of the snow globe or taste a hand cheese, take a look at Hessen's top sights in Frankfurt or sip the most expensive drinkable white wine. Also the European space flight control center in Darmstadt, a Karzer at the Marburger university or also the fire wheels rich in tradition from the Odenwald learn the reader here to know.

Apart from the fifty things... which a Hesse must know! there are at the end of the book still a few coupons, which offer reduced entrance prices, 2 for 1 offers or small free attentions. There will certainly be very few who want to put all 50 tips into practice. Entertainingly presented information, many leisure tips and the vouchers invite the reader to get to know his region better not only from the couch at home. And since in this book everyone will surely find a suggestion for a nice trip or an exciting enterprise, there is at the end only one possible conclusion: absolutely recommendable!

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