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Dein Event-Kalender für Frankfurt und Rhein-Main
Entdecke was heute in Frankfurt und in der Rhein-Main Region los ist - finde hier die besten Veranstaltungen!
October 2019
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Finally Frankfurt! Your city guide rap verlag

Finally Frankfurt! Your city guide

from: Adelina Fast, Benjamin Becker, Christian Olt, Kaja Andritzke

published: rap verlag

on 29.09.2015

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Semesterstart: Frankfurt for Eigeplackte

"Finally Frankfurt! Dein Stadtführer" (rap verlag) is the indispensable companion for all those who don't want to stumble through the Main idyll as a tourist. In time for the start of the semester, the 15th volume of the city guide series from rap verlag shows full life in the university city. Instead of presenting a tour de force past all the sights, the book helps you make your perfect Frankfurt from the best the city has to offer. The authors are four young Frankfurters aged between 22 and 30 who know exactly what's going on in their home country!

On 12 October, the 2015/16 winter semester at Goethe University will begin. For many young high school graduates, this is the starting signal for a new life in Frankfurt. Confident that they have already mastered the most difficult part - choosing to study and the city, moving out from home - they quickly realize what new challenges await them. The newcomers have to laboriously work their way through the foreign city on their own, find the district that suits them, favourite pubs and restaurants, weekly markets, leisure activities, the necessary pinch of culture ... and then there's the French with its very own vocabulary. So that all New-Frankfurters feel quickly at home despite these challenges, there is (finally) a very special city guide:

Finally Frankfurt! Your city guide (rap verlag).

In a nice, humorous way, the Frankfurt authors show the readers what is special about life in and around Frankfurt - no matter what the weather or season. In addition to many practical tips, there are always small, entertaining surprises to be found: Films and books, whose plot takes place in Frankfurt, a short introduction to the Hessian dialect and a touri tour, in case you visit and need to present insider knowledge. The whole thing is accompanied by a refreshing layout with lots of color, photos, notes and scribbles.

By the way: Even real prehistoric rocks will discover their city anew with this book. Unknown corners, special places in every part of the city and lots of ideas against boredom lure everyone from the living room couch.

Quelle: Rap verlag

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