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Frankfurt for Frankfurters - Cityguide Marco Polo

Frankfurt for Frankfurters - Cityguide

from: Sandra Kathe, Katharina Cichosch

published: Marco Polo

on 06.11.2016

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You surely know this too: You have been living in Frankfurt for many years - maybe your whole life - and you keep discovering places, streets, Cafés, shops or cultural institutions that were completely unknown to you until now, or have simply been forgotten. That's why it's nice to have city guides not only for tourists and newcomers to Frankfurt. The city guide "Frankfurt für Frankfurter" by Marco Polo is such a city guide. The book offers many tips in different categories, from eating & drinking to shopping, fun for kids, hip locations, festivals & to wellness & sports or clubs, bars & pubs.

While in the individual categories you will find many very well-known locations and tips that really every Frankfurt should know. But in between there are always exciting and worthwhile insider tips that make you want to get to know new sides of the city away from the regular pub or the well-known restaurants. As a rule, the individual tips are presented with informative short descriptions and details of the address, homepage, opening times and how to get there by public transport. Selected highlights are also highlighted and given a short explanation of why they were chosen. A whole lot of beautiful pictures also contributes to the fact that one gets great desire to try out some of the Insider tips immediately once. The target group is quite broad, which is why you can find tips for every taste and every budget in actually every category.

In conclusion, however, a little criticism must also be allowed. It is true that at the end of this 13th, updated edition, it is stated that despite intensive research, errors are possible. And of course it happens, especially in a big city like Frankfurt, that restaurants, clubs or shops have to close very suddenly. And so one should not be annoyed by the fact that a few places are still mentioned here that undoubtedly only closed down after the editorial deadline. But unfortunately a few tips have crept in here that haven't been around for a while, like the Club Odeon or the PUT Eventbühne. Such changes should actually be noticeable. But of course, with the abundance of tips that are offered here, it can happen that something like that is overlooked. But in the tips about the digital offerings around Frankfurt, such weaknesses reveal themselves even more clearly. Sites and blogs are advertised here that seem to have been lying idle for a long time or have hardly published any new articles in the past few months. Since the number of tips here is very clear, a click on the respective homepage would have been enough for an update to see that here perhaps a few new tips would be appropriate.

Besides that, "Frankfurt für Frankfurter" is a really helpful and well put together city guide for Frankfurters, but also for all guests of the city who want to visit not only the usual tourist destinations. Worth reading and recommending!

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