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Frankfurt Regional - Manufakturen, Lebensmittel, Apfelwein Henrich Editionen

Frankfurt Regional - Manufakturen, Lebensmittel, Apfelwein

from: Konstantin Kalveram, Michael Rühl, Susanne Stahl

published: Henrich Editionen

on 25.02.2016

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Amazon Link : Frankfurt Regional - Manufakturen, Lebensmittel, Apfelwein

Why wander into the distance when the good is so near? Regional shopping and enjoyment are once again very much in vogue. Konstantin Kalveram and Michael Rühl also have that with their books "Kartoffeln, Fisch & Federvieh - Gute Lebensmittel einkaufen in Frankfurt und Umgebung" (Our review can be found HERE) and "Frankfurts Apfelweinführer" (The detailed discussion is HERE) as well as Susanne Stahl with "Handgefertigt - Manufakturen in Frankfurt und Umgebung" (Go to review HERE) recognized. With "Frankfurt Regional" the three now present a kind of Best of of these three little books - this time in a pretty large format.

Who already knows the three books, will only discover little really new here. But if you are looking for a beautifully designed, versatile and informative guide through the colourful world of offers in the region, you will simply not be able to avoid this collection. Whether the "Best of Apfelwein 2015" winner, the Obsthof am Steinberg, the new cult bakery "Zeit für Brot" in Nordend, the Alte Gewürzamt of Ingo Holland in Klingenberg, the Frankfurt Stadtimkerei finger, the L`Abbate cheese factory in Offenbach or Bembel from the Töpferei Maurer - in this book there is really something for every taste to discover.

A mixture of beautiful photographs and informative, charmingly written texts make this journey through the culinary and creative sides of our region so worth reading. It is a rousing declaration of love to all the people who pursue their professions with full passion and create things that can sweeten our everyday lives in every respect. Anyone who attaches great importance to knowing where their food and products come from should definitely place this book on the shelf. It is guaranteed not to get dusty there, because it is always fun to browse through it and discover new things. Absolutely recommended!

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