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Hesse Cheese CoCon Verlag

Hesse Cheese

from: Ingrid Schick

published: CoCon Verlag

on 22.11.2012

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Thinking of Hessen and cheese, most people might think of the popular Handkäs. And perhaps also the also very gladly consumed Spundekäs'. But the region has much more to offer, which can enchant the palate of cheese lovers. In her book "Hessen Käse", Ingrid Schick takes readers on a journey along the Hessian Milk and Cheese Route, introduces special types of cheese and offers original and tasty recipes for each of these cheeses. Of course, the reader will also find out where the delicacies are produced and where they can be purchased.

From fresh cheese to sour milk cheese, soft cheese and processed cheese, right through to semi-hard cheese and hard cheese, a wide range of variations are presented here. Whether sage cheese in a pepper crust from Cölbe, red zora from the Hof Zorn cheese dairy in Heidenrod-Zorn, cooked cheese from the Hofkäserei am Schlossberg in Beerfelden or the ancient Altefelder cheese from the Altenschlirf cheese dairy in Herbststein, you can read tasty and interesting facts about more than thirty types of cheese here. Recipes like the Hessen-Carbonara, Odenwälder Kochkäseschnitzel or Chili-Marmelade are presented in a clear and easy to understand way. Here and there "cheese knowledge" scattered here and there also offers some interesting and helpful tips and information.

The whole thing is rounded off by four short culinary portraits, a look at the Cheese Festival in Hessenpark and finally a list of the best Hessian cheese shops in Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, Hanau, Wiesbaden and other cities in the region.

"Hessen Käse" is a tasty declaration of love to the Cheese Land Hessen. An attractively written and clearly arranged book, which not only reveals the variety of cheese specialities of the region, but also offers many delicious recipes, tips for preparation and serving suggestions. All this makes this book for cheese lovers: absolutely recommendable!

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