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I give you Frankfurt - A red thread for small budgets Societäts Verlag

I give you Frankfurt - A red thread for small budgets

from: Ruth Fühner

published: Societäts Verlag

on 15.11.2011

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A stroll through Frankfurt can be very beautiful, exciting, entertaining, delicious and surprising if you visit the right places - but most of the time it also leaves a big hole in your wallet. But it doesn't have to be. Ruth Fühner shows in "Ich schenke Dir Frankfurt", a city guide of a different kind, that Frankfurt can also be explored with small budgets.

Whether culture, culinary or shopping, the possibilities for the small purse are more extensive, than thought. In seven chapters, Fühner spins a red thread across the Main metropolis that not only leads the reader to the city's most important locations, but also provides the most important information about the respective locations. The presentation is not really comparable with the classic city guide. The guided tour through Frankfurt is sometimes interrupted by a photo series, sometimes by drawings, sometimes by interesting or amusing facts or by quotations from clever minds like a certain Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. There is a very detailed walk along Berger Strasse, where the reader can find out exactly where to go for shopping or refreshments, museums beyond the well-known representatives on the Museumsufer are presented, and of course there is also assistance in the search for the right souvenirs.

No question, "Ich schenke Dir Frankfurt" is an original city guide with lots of charm and an imaginative layout. However, this is sometimes somewhat at the expense of clarity and information content. It's very refreshing that the book largely does without the typical tourist information and instead likes to lead to the not so well-trodden paths through Frankfurt. But whoever, inspired by the reading, wants to set off to visit the places suggested in the book, must in many cases first consult the Internet or other city guides in order to obtain important information such as the exact address, opening hours or admission prices. The renunciation of standard information does not interrupt the flow of reading and also increases the entertainment value of the book. But if you want to get some ideas for a city walk, a shopping trip or a visit to a museum, you should be prepared to do further research.

However, in the age of the Internet and smartphones, this additional effort will be limited. The fact is that "I give you Frankfurt" is simply fun. And even though the web tips at the end of the book painfully miss a very special Frankfurt online portal, the overall impression created after reading it is quite positive. Especially since there are actually some really good tips for the small purse, which make a stroll through Frankfurt an all around pleasant thing.

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