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Lena & Luke Episode 1: The Secret in the Attic (Radio Play) Blue Sky Music UG

Lena & Luke Episode 1: The Secret in the Attic (Radio Play)

from: Pia zum Bansen

published: Blue Sky Music UG

on 01.06.2012

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Amazon Link : Lena & Luke Episode 1: The Secret in the Attic (Radio Play)

The Lena and Luke Brothers and Sisters (called Lukas in history) are the stars of a new series of books and radio plays that aims to convey the history of money to children in an exciting and playful way. Instead of tackling this in the form of a dry non-fiction book, author Pia zum Bansen has opted for a far more entertaining way of giving children interesting information without having the feeling of being taught. The first story begins with a quarrel - not an unusual situation for siblings. To create a conciliatory atmosphere, Lena and Luke are sent by their grandpa to the attic, where they can go on a discovery tour with their dog Brownie. When they come across a mysterious box with many different coins, Brownie suddenly disappears without a trace. As it turns out, the coins allow a journey into the past and there the dog who played with one of the coins disappeared. Together with their grandpa, Lena and Luke travel to pre-Christian Lydia, where they discover Brownie at a market. But to get it back, the children first have to learn how to trade during this time...

The barter trade is the focus of this first adventure. In the radio play version, the story is told by the author herself in a very pleasant voice and her son Henry has also assumed a speaking role as Lukas. The whole thing is very entertaining, so that the 40 minutes of playing time for the little listeners fly by. The characters are drawn sympathetically and the story is told in a child-friendly way. As an introductory episode, which primarily introduces the characters and the initial situation, "The Secret in the Attic" works very well.

In upcoming episodes, a little more suspense wouldn't hurt, of course, because otherwise the impression of a didactic play could arise despite all efforts. But all in all, the idea of conveying the history of money and trade and thus perhaps also a somewhat more conscious and responsible handling of money in this way is a very successful and praiseworthy idea. Therefore the money for this first radio play episode (the corresponding book will follow in September), published by the Frankfurt music publisher Blue Sky Music, is well spent! Recommended for children 5 years and older.

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