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Loveable - Living in FrankfurtRhineMain B3 Verlag

Loveable - Living in FrankfurtRhineMain

from: Claudia Servaty und Nicola Holtkamp

published: B3 Verlag

on 28.10.2011

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Amazon Link : Loveable - Living in FrankfurtRhineMain

Once you have lived for a long time in Frankfurt or the adjoining Rhine-Main area, it is difficult to understand why this region does not enjoy the best reputation in Germany. Admittedly, many a prejudice with which the Main metropolis and its environs are confronted may be true. But it's worth looking outside the box. For then it becomes apparent how beautiful, versatile and cosmopolitan this region is and how lovable life can be here.

The "Liebenswert - Wohnen in FrankfurtRheinMain" by Claudia Servaty and Nicola Holtkamp tries to capture exactly this aspect of the region worth living in in words and pictures by means of selected portraits. The focus should be on the versatility and thus also the attractiveness of the region, not only for the apartments and houses, but also for their inhabitants. Not only well-known personalities, but also "normal" people from the Rhine-Main region were selected to present their own four walls in this beautiful illustrated book.

The book visits an artist from Frankfurt's railway station district, abducts the reader into the rural idyll of a couple from Darmstadt-Eberstadt, pays a flying visit to HR presenter Holger Weinert in Offenbach, makes a side trip to the shared flat of three students in Mainz or enjoys the wonderful view in Eltville am Rhein. In selecting the 25 portraits, the two authors were keen to ensure that not only the apartments and houses, but also the people themselves and their stories reflect the colourful lifestyle of the region. Thus young like older personalities of different occupational groups were selected, which pursue also completely individual life philosophies.

Besides the very responding photos also the accompanying texts make this book so recommendable. Even though the people presented here represent the region well, their stories are very personal. The text passages are relatively compact, but do not seem rushed. Rather, information and experiences are conveyed in an entertaining way reduced to the essentials, which definitely increases the fun of reading.

Claudia Servaty and Nicola Holtkamp have recorded the development of the book project from the first discussions to the presentation of the finished book in a blog. Thus the interested reader can not only enjoy the beautiful pictures and browse through the accompanying texts, but also follow the entire process of creation. Have a look:

"Liebenswert - Wohnen in FrankfurtRheinMain" is a very nice illustrated book, a declaration of love to the region and its people, a book which shows how much effort and passion has gone into this project. And that's exactly what this tape does: absolutely recommendable!

225 pages

The two authors of LOVE VALUE: Claudia Servaty and Nicola Holtkamp

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp

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