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Saturday there's dick Supp - Das (ge)hessische Suppenbuch mit Prominenteneinlage B3 Verlag

Saturday there's dick Supp - Das (ge)hessische Suppenbuch mit Prominenteneinlage

from: Thomas "Bäppi" Bäppler und Sibylle Nicolai

published: B3 Verlag

on 01.10.2008

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Amazon Link : Saturday there's dick Supp - Das (ge)hessische Suppenbuch mit Prominenteneinlage

What could be better than a plate of really tasty soup? Quite simple: if it is served with a lot of typical Hessian humour. If you are looking for many delicious soup recipes and want to get them spiced with humor, "Samstag gibt`s dick Supp" is the perfect book for you. Thomas "Bäppi" Bäppler, the popular Frankfurt entertainer and Travestiestar, together with presenter and actress Sibylle Nicolai, has compiled the favourite recipes of numerous celebrities, which are commented on by the two in an amusing way - first and foremost with numerous pictures in which "Bäppi" in particular can reveal his preference for weird outfits and disguises.

The recipes come from such diverse personalities as comedian Bodo Bach, actor Claus Theo Gärtner, footballer Jimmy Hartwig, theatre director Prof. Claus Helmer, chef Mirko Rhee, bestselling author Jan Seghers, lottery legend Karin Tietze-Ludwig and presenter/comedian Johannes Scherer. As different as these celebrities are their recipes. Whether iced pea soup, carp soup, Frankfurt "Gemiessuppe", potato chard soup, apple wine onion soup or Baden snail soup, there is really the right soup for every taste. The preparation is sometimes humorous, but always presented in a way that is easy to understand, which makes cooking the recipes an enjoyable and tasty affair.

"Samstag gibt`s dick Supp" is a colourful, cheerful cookbook that also offers the reader a short journey through the history of soup culture. Short portraits of the soup godfathers, praise for Eva Demski's soup, a look at a farmer's wife's little recipe book, a very special variant of soup passer-by and many other nice ingredients make the book an entertaining and very charming read. If you like soups, no matter if in the cold season or at warmer temperatures, if you don't throw the ingredients together while cooking but like to smile in between or if you just want to get to know the favourite soups of prominent Hesse people, you should not miss this very special cookbook! Enjoy your meal

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