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The literary Rheingau Waldemar Kramer

The literary Rheingau

from: Heiner Boehncke, Hans Sarkowicz

published: Waldemar Kramer

on 20.11.2016

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Amazon Link : The literary Rheingau

Hikes through a poetic landscape

The Rheingau is not only a very beautiful landscape, but also a downright poetic one. Heiner Boehncke and Hans Sarkowicz, who take their readers on a very special hike through this region in their book "Der literarische Rheingau", are at least convinced of this. This somewhat different type of travel guide is intended to give the reader the opportunity to choose from three ways to explore the wonderful cultural landscape. The first possibility is to simply be inspired to take a walk or cycle through the places presented in the book, such as Johannisberg Castle, the Queen Victoria Monument in Hochheim am Main, Eberbach Monastery, the Rheingau Cathedral in Geisenheim or the St. Rochus Chapel near Bingen. In this case the book functions like a normal travel guide.

The second possibility is to explore the literary references presented in the book after reading it on the spot. To walk in Goethe's footsteps or to look at what Heinrich Heine, Clemens Brentano, Eva Demski or Robert Gernhardt have written about, sometimes in very different but always passionate and ecstatic ways. The third possibility is to visit the reading places mentioned in the book and then enjoy the harmony of landscape and literature on the spot. No matter which variant the reader chooses, the book is definitely an interesting, sometimes surprising and always worth reading source of inspiration for excursions through the Rheingau.

The texts are a mixture of cultural and literary history, enriched with vivid descriptions of places and beautiful photos taken by Christian Seeling. The places visited in the book are described by literary quotations, which should not only make you want to visit those places, but also to read the quoted poems, novels and texts in their entirety. Finally, the importance of the Rheingau cultural landscape is once again highlighted by an essay on the renowned Rheingau Music Festival.

Heiner Boehncke and Hans Sarkowicz have compiled a book worth reading and seeing that not only offers many interesting insights into the rich history of the Rheingau, but also beautifully demonstrates the close relationship between literature and landscape. Who would like to experience the Rheingau with different eyes, this book can be recommended to him absolutely.

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp

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