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The Palm Garden Societäts Verlag

The Palm Garden

from: Beate Taudte-Repp

published: Societäts Verlag

on 27.11.2012

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Amazon Link : The Palm Garden

A guide through Frankfurt's green oasis

For over 140 years, the Palm Garden has been a constantly changing oasis in the middle of Frankfurt's urban jungle. The botanical garden, which was founded in 1868 by some of Frankfurt's most respected citizens and opened its doors for the first time just a few years later, continues to enjoy unbroken popularity in the 21st century. It is not only the big events such as the Rose and Light Festival or the "Garden" Exhibition that attract visitors year after year. It is the very special atmosphere emanating from the exotic plants, the green spaces or the palm house that makes a visit fascinating, relaxing and simply beautiful again and again. But the immense variety and species richness that the palm garden has to offer makes it almost impossible, even for experienced eyes, to explore all aspects of this oasis and discover all its secrets, even if you visit it several times.

2005 Beate Taudte-Rupp took her readers on a guided tour of the Palmengarten for the first time. Over the years, however, the botanical garden has changed over and over again, making it necessary to revise the book. The third edition of "Der Palmengarten" is now available. Taudte-Rupp guides readers through the garden and its display houses in detail, from the Rose Garden to the Palm House, the Society House, the Tropicarium and the Leonhardsbrunn House. This first part of the book has seventeen stations, in which there is not only a lot of interesting information about the buildings and their history, but also about the plants native to them. In addition, there is a series of appealing illustrations that make you want to explore what you have just read on the spot as soon as possible.

After the guided tour through the Palmengarten, Beate Taudte-Rupp also takes a look at the various events that take place here regularly, whether art, music or festivals, whether for adults or children. Throughout the year, the Palmengarten has a colourful and very varied programme to offer, which is quite a good overview here. At the end it becomes very interesting to take a look behind the scenes. The reader is not only offered a condensed overview of the history of the Palmengarten. It also becomes clear how much work flows into the preservation of the botanical garden and what pedagogical significance it has. The Palmengarten is much more than just a green oasis in the heart of Frankfurt.

"The Palm Garden" is an interesting and entertaining guide through this very special place, which is especially recommended for those readers who want to explore this botanical garden on their next visit with completely different eyes and a more intensive, trained look or simply want to learn more about the history, the work of the gardeners and the abundance of plants. Recommended]

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp

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