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At eye level

At eye level

Deutschland 2016 - with Jordan Prentice, Luis Vorbach, Ella Frey, Marco Licht, Anica Dobra ...

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Movie info

Genre:Drama, Children's Movie
Direction:Evi Goldbrunner & Joachim Dollhopf
Cinema release:15.09.2016
Production country:Deutschland 2016
Running time:Ca. 98 min.
Rated:From 6 years
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When ten-year-old Michi (Luis Vorbach), who has been living in an orphanage since his mother's death, finds a letter that his mom has sent to his biological father, the boy is hopeful. With this letter he can find his dad and he gets him out of the orphanage. Maybe Michi still has the chance of a happy childhood after all. In fact, the boy tracks down his father. But when he stands in front of him, I am shocked: Tom (Jordan Prentice) is small and not even as tall as he is. It is difficult for the two of them to approach each other - but when they finally meet at eye level, it is no longer the greatness that stands in the way of their future as father and son…

With "Auf Augenhöhe" Evi Goldbrunner and Joachim Dollhopf have staged a very nice story about friendship and tolerance. The drama has some very realistic moments, a little bit of humor and very good actors. Michi's anger and disappointment that his father is not the super dad he imagined in his dreams and that there is now one more reason for the other children to raise him is just as credible as Tom's frustration that he cannot be the father he expected for the boy.

Although there are also aspects of the film that are well-intentioned, but in their implementation seem a bit too constructed or too instructive. In addition, there are a few lengths in the middle section in which the story turns a little bit in a circle before it comes to a quite surprising turn in the last act. However, due to the somewhat too detailed structure of the story, there is only little time for a resolution of this turn of events. And so the finale seems a little too rushed and a bit unfledged, which makes the effect of the good idea fizzle out a little.

All in all, however, "Auf Augenhöhe" is a successful drama that appeals to older children as well as adults and entertains them properly. In addition, there are a few very nice moments that inspire reflection and discussion. And for this very harmonious package there is, despite some weaknesses, a deserved one: Worth seeing!

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  • At eye level
  • At eye level
  • At eye level
  • At eye level
  • At eye level
  • At eye level
  • At eye level
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