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Big Boys

Big Boys

Frankreich 2013 - with Alain Chabat, Max Boublil, Sandrine Kiberlain, Mélanie Bernier ...

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Movie info

Original title:Les Gamins
Direction:Anthony Marciano
Cinema release:03.07.2014
Production country:Frankreich 2013
Running time:Ca. 97 min.
Rated:From 6 years
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Most of his 30 years life so far Thomas (Max Boublil) has dreamed of becoming a successful musician. But with the exception of a few engagements at weddings and birthday parties, the music career never really worked out. After proposing to his dream wife Lola (Mélanie Bernier) and finally meeting her parents Suzanne (Sandrine Kiberlain) and Gilbert (Alain Chabat), Thomas decides that the time has come to finally grow up. And so at his first meal together with his future parents-in-law, he opens the door for Lola to quit his dream and take a job at a debt collection company. While Lola and Suzanne are all over this romantic gesture, Gilbert is convinced that Thomas is making a big mistake. For Gilbert, bored by life and his marriage, marriage is the biggest mistake a man can make. And that's what he's dying to save Thomas from. From now on he never misses an opportunity to convince his daughter's fiancé of the advantages of bachelor life. The two of them have so much fun that grown men become big boys again, who are convinced that their wives are only in their way on the way to real happiness. But it is doubtful that they are right with this assessment…

With "Grosse Jungs" director Anthony Marciano presents a very amusing feature film debut, for which he wrote the script together with his buddy and leading actor Max Boubil. Even though the story isn't necessarily a prime example of originality and some jokes are a bit flat, the comedy as a whole is a lot of fun. It's often small details that are either very charming or enormously funny. An extremely imaginative marriage proposal is just as much a part of it as the reaction to a man with a headset in a neighboring car or a joint supermarket visit by Thomas and Gilbert. The film is peppered with numerous well-done laughs, which clearly show that Max Boubil is actually at home on the comedy stage. Especially during the wonderful finale at a nuclear conference, which is undoubtedly one of the funniest scenes in the film, the comedic talent of the author and main actor pays off perfectly.

However, the film also profits from the good chemistry that can be felt between the actors. She turns Thomas and Lola into a really sweet couple, despite their obvious opposites, to whom one wishes all the happiness in the world as a spectator. Of course, the course of their relationship is quite predictable, but the two harmonize so well together that the missing moments of surprise don't bother them at all. Also between Boubil and Alain Chabat the comedic sparks sparkle. The scenes, in which the two men mutate into big boys in a silly and unrestrained manner, also spread a good mood among the audience - even though it is clear that their infantile behaviour won't have any particularly positive consequences for both of them.

A few nice side blows at the youth craze in the music business or at the superficialities of high society and amusing guest appearances of the music stars Patrick Bruel and Iggy Pop make the fun perfect. Surely, "Big Boys" doesn't offer fireworks of intellectual wit, it's not high-spirited entertainment, it's a very simply structured comedy. But since the movie never tries more than to give its audience 100 minutes of pure pleasure and manages to do so with the charming actors and several well done jokes, the whole thing works almost perfectly despite the small pendants. Anyone who likes simply gorgeous French comedy entertainment will love the "big boys". Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Big Boys
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