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Brave girls don't do that

Brave girls don't do that

USA 2020 - with Lucy Hale, Leonidas Gulaptis, Mindy Cohn, Jackie Cruz, Adhir Kalyan ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating:

Movie info

Original title:A Nice Girl Like You
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Direction:Chris Riedell, Nick Riedell
Cinema release:24.09.2020
Production country:USA 2020
Running time:Ca. 94 min.
Rated:From 12 years
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For the violinist Lucy (Lucy Hale) life runs in clear, levelled tracks. There's only one thing that really gets her upset: sex! When she doesn't succeed in getting involved in a round of dirty talk with her boyfriend, he prefers to enjoy internet porn rather than her. For Lucy this is a sign that she has to change something. First she sends her boyfriend into the desert and then she creates a sex-to-do list with the help of which she wants to get rid of her uptightness. So she takes her best friends on a tour of sex shops and strip clubs - but she doesn't learn the really important lessons about love there.

"Good girls don't do that" is a light US comedy, but it has the same problem as its main character: She would like to be slippery, but in the end she is totally uptight. Some rather clumsy jokes (a farting horse at a wedding is the height of creativity) are supposed to hide that, but they don't really work. Now, you might think that this would push the movie into the category "absolute flop". Surprisingly, this is not the case. Yes, it is neither really funny nor sexy. But at least in its own way it is somehow charming, which is why it works well as a romantic comedy in the end.

This is partly due to the staging by Chris and Nick Riedell, who, despite all justified criticism, manage to serve a very conventional story with a pleasant portion of charm. Also main actress Lucy Hale, known especially from the series "Pretty Little Liars" can counteract the rather weak script with many sympathy points. And even if the encounters between Lucy and her new dream man Grant seem a bit forced dramaturgically, as a viewer you have to accept that the chemistry between Hale and her Australian co-star Leonidas Gulaptis is very harmonious.

"Good girls don't do that" is nice entertainment that you could criticize a lot. But what he wants to achieve - to entertain a rather youthful audience for 90 minutes - he manages quite well despite his weaknesses. Viewers who would really mind the points of criticism are not part of the target audience anyway, and will probably not get the idea to buy a ticket for the film. However, if you are interested in the trailer, then this comedy will offer you exactly what you are promised. It's not really a great cinema, but it's a nice pastime. That's what the movie is for: Still worth seeing with some restrictions!

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  • Brave girls don't do that
  • Brave girls don't do that
  • Brave girls don't do that
  • Brave girls don't do that
  • Brave girls don't do that
  • Brave girls don't do that
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