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Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray

Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray

USA 2012 - with Ashley Hinshaw, Lili Taylor, Jonny Weston, James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel ...

Movie info

Original title:About Cherry
Direction:Stephen Elliott
Sales launch:10.05.2013
Production country:USA 2012
Running time:Ca. 105 Min
Rated:From 16 years
Number of discs:1
Languages:German, English (DTS HD-Master Audio 5.1)
Picture format:16:9 (1.85:1)
Bonus:Interview, Remote Scenes, Trailer
Region code:B
Label:Koch Media
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Amazon Link : Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray

Content: The young Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw), has had enough of her life in the small town. The job in a laundry, her constantly drunk mother (Lili Taylor), her obtrusive partner and the responsibility she has to take over for her little sister Jojo (Maya Raines), all this just gets too much for her. That's why she's into taking nude pictures of herself. With the money she earned she moves to San Francisco together with her good friend Andrew (Dev Patel). Here she hopes to be able to start from scratch and make good money. But as a waitress in a strip club, she doesn't earn enough to live the life she dreamed of in her hometown. And so, on the advice of a colleague, she decides to try herself as a porn actress. And indeed, the tide seems to be turning for Angelina now. Her director Margaret (Heather Graham) is enthusiastic about her natural beauty and her relaxed nature from the very first moment. And also in love it seems to finally work out after the encounter with the wealthy Francis (James Franco). But luck comes with a price Angelina may not be willing to pay...

"Cherry" was created by the close cooperation between the writer Stephen Elliott and the porn actress Lorelei Lee. They are not only connected by a friendship, but also by their knowledge of the industry, which does not necessarily have a good reputation. In their joint script Elliott and Lee wanted to tell a story that should show that there are not only the often described horror scenarios, but also very positive stories with a happy ending. That there is something like family cohesion or space for romance in the porn industry as well. It's very pleasant that this story is told without the usual moral forefinger and in a pleasantly relaxed way, even though a more critical portrayal of the porn business would have been desirable for the film here and there.

The difficulties Angelina is confronted with don't arise during her work, but in her personal environment. The family is broken and her boyfriend has difficulties with her job, although he is still very open-minded at first. It is to be noticed to the film again and again that Stephen Elliott, who makes his directing debut with "Cherry", was striving for authenticity. Both the look of the movie, as well as the dramaturgical structure of the various conflict situations, seem very realistic. In addition, the drama has a very good cast, with Ashley Hinshaw ("Chronicle", "LOL") in particular leaving a very positive impression as Angelina/Cherry.

Despite all the good ambitions and positive aspects, "Cherry" is not entirely convincing. Some of the secondary characters look very stenciled and some conflicts are dealt with very superficially. This is especially negative in the final argument between Angelina and her best buddy Andrew. It's clear why Angelina feels hurt here, but based on the intensity of this friendship, as it has been shown before, the aftermath of this quarrel is a bit exaggerated and solved unsatisfactorily for the viewer. The actual ending, which brings with it a drastic change for Angelina's life, also comes along a bit rushed. Without revealing too much, it simply has to be said that this turn of events in the story has not been prepared enough, at least from Angelina's point of view, to be really credible.

"Cherry" is in many respects a successful drama with good and praiseworthy ambitions. However, some somewhat flat side characters, a not very sophisticated dramaturgy and a very one-sided view of the porn industry at the end prevent the directorial debut of bestselling author Stephen Elliott from playing in a league with comparable works like "Boogie Nights". Nevertheless: the good cast and some very captivatingly staged scenes make this independent drama despite its weaknesses: Worth seeing!

Picture + Sound: The picture of the Blu-Ray is absolutely clean and has a very good image sharpness and an authentic color scheme. Smaller details also come into their own here, whereby smaller quality losses can only be noticed in very dark scenes. Despite the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix, the sound remains largely unspectacular, which is less due to the quality than to the very quiet and dialog-heavy staging. The voices of the actors and the dubbing actors sound clear and powerful from the speakers, smaller ambient noises and the soundtrack provide here and there for a little movement in the surround range. Gut!

Extras: Die Blu-Ray offers besides the trailer for the film, further program tips of the provider and two short cut scenes (approx. 1:30 min.) an interesting interview with co-author Lorelei Lee (approx. 19 min.), who has been working as a porn actress herself for 13 years. In the interview recorded after a screening at the Berlinale 2012, Lee explains how she wrote the script with Stephen Elliott and to what extent her own experiences have influenced the story. An interesting and sympathetic conversation, which is a good complement to the main movie.

Fazit: "Cherry" is a look behind the scenes of the porn industry that strives for authenticity but does not always put its high ambitions into practice. Some secondary characters remain drawn very stencil-like and the ending comes along a bit rushed. Nevertheless, the directorial debut of writer Stephen Elliott scores well with its good cast and some very strong scenes. How close the movie actually is to reality is explained by co-writer Lorelei Lee in the short but interesting bonus material. No comparison to "Boogie Nights", but despite its weaknesses still worth seeing!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray
  • Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray
  • Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray
  • Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray
  • Cherry - Wanna Play? - Blu-Ray

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