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Early Promise

Early Promise

Frankreich 2018 - with Pierre Niney, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Didier Bourdon, Catherine McCormack ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating:

Movie info

Original title:La promesse de l'aube
Direction:Eric Barbier
Cinema release:07.02.2019
Production country:Frankreich 2018
Running time:Ca. 131 min.
Rated:From 6 years
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Even during his not exactly easy childhood in Poland, Romain was told by his mother Nina (Charlotte Gainsbourg) that he was something special. That one day he'll be a great man, a great man. No matter what setbacks the almost inseparably linked mother-son team had to suffer, Romain's mother never stopped making it clear to him what he was made of. And so Romain Gary (Pierre Niney) also lives a truly adventurous life, which has transformed him from a pilot in World War II to a respected diplomat, a famous writer and celebrated filmmaker. It is always the love of his eccentric mother that drives him to strive for even greater things…

"Early Promise" is now the second adaptation of Romain Gary's autobiographical novel of the same name. Filmmaker Eric Barbier has not only managed to deliver a stirring biopic about a great artist, but also to bring out the intense mother-son relationship in an original way. No question about it, at its core the film is a drama, but this is always loosened up by a slightly bizarre humor and a playful visual language. Thus the film becomes almost as multifaceted as the life and work of Romain Gary himself.

Pierre Niney is very well cast as an adult Romain and can keep up with Charlotte Gainsbourg, who acts with full fervor. She makes it difficult for him, but Niney is strong enough as an actor not to let himself be played offside. He makes it easy to understand how much Romain was influenced by his mother's love and always tried to live up to it. You feel your self-doubt and notice how narrow the gap can be between unconditional love and gruelling hatred. And so even as a spectator you never really know if you should love and admire or if you should regard her as a terrible mother.

Naturally, the film takes some dramaturgical liberties. But he makes this very special relationship tangible and shows in an entertaining and visually impressive way what influence parents can have on the lives of their children. Here and there a bit too long and a little bit tough, but overall a stirring artist biography of a different kind. Worth seeing

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • Early Promise
  • Early Promise
  • Early Promise
  • Early Promise
  • Early Promise
  • Early Promise
Cinema trailer for the movie "Early Promise (Frankreich 2018)"
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