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September 2020
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Everything but ordinary

Everything but ordinary

Frankreich 2019 - with Vincent Cassel, Reda Kateb, Hélène Vincent, Bryan Mialoundama ...

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Movie info

Original title:Hors normes
Direction:Éric Toledano und Olivier Nakache
Cinema release:05.12.2019
Production country:Frankreich 2019
Running time:Ca. 115 min.
Rated:From 6 years
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Bruno (Vincent Cassel) lives for his work. Not a minute when he's not on the phone or taking care of up to 40 children with severe autism with his non-profit organization. Even with former patients who have long grown up, Bruno cannot say no when they ask for his help. His good friend Malik (Reda Kateb) also works in such an institution, but has to deal not only with young patients, but also with inexperienced employees. But the two men are not intimidated by that. It gives them strength to help others. But then Bruno is visited by members of a commission to check whether his organisation is allowed to continue working at all… 

With their new film "Alles außer gewöhnlich" the directors Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache ("Pretty Best Friends") have fulfilled a real heart project. In the drama they pay tribute to a friend, Stéphane Benhamou, and his association "Le Silence des Justes". Since 1996, Benhamou has been devoted to the reception and integration of autistic children and adolescents. Toledano and Nakache had already made an image film for the club, where they also met the educator Daoud Tatou. The work of Tatou and Benhamou impressed the two filmmakers so much that they wanted to make a film about them. 

For two years they then accompanied the two associations "Le Silence des Justes" by Stéphane Benhamou and "Le Relais Île-de-France", which in the meantime was led by Daoud Tatou, and obtained the material for their latest work from it. And so the film tells less a clear story than reflects the work of the employees of organizations like these. This is well-intentioned and at times also very stirring. But in the attempt to raise the whole thing from a documentary to a dramaturgical level, the film increasingly loses itself in a jumble of characters and clichés, which makes it extremely difficult for the viewer to establish a relationship to the characters and their stories...

The directing duo wanted too much and ultimately failed precisely because of it. To show which hurdles associations like "Le Silence des Justes" have to overcome is as important as to reveal the importance of the work of the people who have to assert themselves against the mills of bureaucracy, but also against prejudices and exclusion. However, as much as the film has its heart in the right place, it doesn't really succeed in conveying the good message adequately due to the sometimes unnecessarily overloaded staging. Well meant, but still only with restrictions "worth seeing"!

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  • Everything but ordinary
  • Everything but ordinary
  • Everything but ordinary
  • Everything but ordinary
  • Everything but ordinary
  • Everything but ordinary
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