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Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water

USA 2016 - with Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster, Gil Birmingham, Katy Mixon ...

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Movie info

Original title:Hell or High Water
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Direction:David Mackenzie
Cinema release:12.01.2017
Production country:USA 2016
Running time:Ca. 102 Min
Rated:From 12 years
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After the death of their mother the ranch of the brothers Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner Howard (Ben Foster) is about to be auctioned. This would mean that the family would lose everything for which their parents and later the brothers had worked so hard. And when the bank snatches the land under the nail, Toby has nothing with which to secure the future of his two sons. And so for them there is only one way out: they attack all the branches of their bank in the district, so that they can then settle their debts with their own money. In itself an ingenious plan that only Texas ranger Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and his partner Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) could thwart. The two cops lie in wait, just waiting for the bank robbers to make a mistake - and for the hotheaded Tanner that's actually only a matter of time…

With "Hell or High Water" the Scottish filmmaker David Mackenzie presents a great neo-western, which besides a very exciting story also has a lot of dry humor and profound moments to offer. The great script was written by Taylor Sheridan, who was already responsible for the book for the outstanding thriller "Sicario". Sheridan not only puts great dialogues with a lot of dry humor into the mouths of the characters. He also designs very lifelike secondary characters, which make this film stand out from the crowd. The old lady, for example, who serves Hamilton and his partner in a restaurant, is so maliciously witty in such a reserved way that it's just a bright joy. Thus, a very simple scene from ordering a steak becomes a real highlight.

The film is full of such moments, which give the already good story even more multifaceted and entertaining value. In addition there is a great camera work, which shows a barren country full of failed existences and economic misery in fascinating beauty. And of course there are also the first-class actors. While Jeff Bridges is grandiose as always and Ben Foster proves again that he can impersonate broken characters like Tanner with enormous powers of persuasion, Chris Pine in particular manages to show a slightly different, rougher facet of his skills. And it does that really, really well!

"Hell or High Water" is much more than an entertaining gangster drama. It's a story about two unequal brothers fighting for their family. It is an almost satirical reckoning with the corrupt financial system and with politics, which leaves the simple agricultural workers completely alone with their problems. But also the love of weapons of the Americans is thematized here with a proper wink of the eye. A great film that is worth watching just because of its visual language on the big screen. Absolutely worth seeing!!!!

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  • Hell or High Water
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hell or High Water
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