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Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD

Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD

Schweden 2018 - with Rolf Lassgård, Pelle Heikkilä, Johan Marenius Nordahl, Annika Nordin ...

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Movie info

Original title:Jägarna Säsong 1
Genre:Thriller, TV series
Direction:Jens Jonsson, Johan Lundin
Sales launch:26.04.2019
Production country:Schweden 2018
Running time:Ca. 267 Min.
Rated:12 years and older
Number of discs:2
Languages:German, Swedish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Picture format:16:9
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Content: Actually, the retired detective Erik Bäckström (Rolf Lassgård) wanted to retire relaxed in his home in northern Sweden. But then he gets the offer to work as head of security for the entrepreneur Markus Lindmark (Pelle Heikkilä). He is in the process of implementing a major project that is apparently meeting with strong resistance. Markus and his colleague Johannes (Mikael Ersson) are shot at, which puts the million-dollar project at risk. Erik should avoid such incidents in the future. Through his nephew Peter (Johan Marenius Nordahl), a young police candidate, Erik gets important police information, but not only puts Peter's professional career in danger. When a fatal incident occurs, Erik realizes that there must be more to the case than Lindmark has told him. His old flair breaks out again and Erik begins to dig deep under the surface… 

1996 Rolf Lassgård slipped into the role of Erik Bäckström for the first time in the film "Die Spur der Jäger". 2011 saw the sequel, which is now followed on TV by "Jäger - Tödliche Gier". For Lassgård, who was particularly successful as a Wallander, but also as a "man named Ove", the figure of the aging investigator is another parade role. With almost stoic calmness the Swede puts some power into his performance, which is absolutely thrilling even if the script should be a bit weaker. With his presence, Lassgaring;rd regularly outshines his co-stars. But the series also provides enough space for supporting actors like a great Pelle Heikkilä to unfold. 

The special thing about this mini-series is that the case takes on dimensions with ever new twists, which you don't really see coming as a viewer. One actually has the feeling that Erik cleared everything up after the first 90 minutes - far from it! Surely, the wheel is not really reinvented here. But the way in which the story slowly builds up until the finale is never boring, despite many quiet moments, but extremely clever and exciting. 

Who likes Nordic crime fare and thrilling economic thrillers is "Hunter - Deadly Greed"  a feast for him: great actors, very atmospheric pictures and a story that is gripping to the end - what more could you want? Hopefully Erik Bäckström will go hunting again soon! Absolutely worth seeing! 

image + sound: The slightly subcooled color scheme captures the basic mood of the series perfectly. Also otherwise the picture leaves a positive impression. The picture sharpness is at a good TV level and the contrasts are also harmoniously mixed. The sound is dominated by dialogues and the atmospheric soundtrack, but every now and then the Dolby Digital 5.1 Mix also features well used sound effects to ensure that not only the tension increases, but also that there is some movement in the tonal action. Good! 

Extras: Unfortunately there is no bonus material.    

Fazit: The first season of "Jäger - Tödliche Gier" offers exciting crime thriller entertainment and for Rolf Lassgaring;rd another parade role. The story told here over four hours is extremely exciting and has some surprising twists in store. On the DVD this first season presents itself in atmospheric picture and sound quality. Although there is no bonus material available, it is very clear: Absolutely recommendable!

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  • Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD
  • Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD
  • Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD
  • Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD
  • Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD
  • Hunter - Deadly Greed - Season 1 - DVD
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