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Hunter of the Moment

Hunter of the Moment

Österreich 2012 - with Stefan Glowacz, Holger Heuber, Kurt Albert ...

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Movie info

Direction:Christian Lonk, Philipp Manderla und Malte Röper
Cinema release:25.04.2013
Production country:Österreich 2012
Running time:Ca. 102 min.
Rated:From 6 years
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Stefan Glowacz is one of the big stars of the sports climbing scene. Besides several won competitions he was also seen in movies by Willy Bogner ("Feuer, Eis & Dynamit") and Werner Herzog ("Schrei aus Stein"), as well as in several  documentaries. Glowacz has also made a name for itself in recent years as a lecturer and entrepreneur. One could actually think that these successes are fully exploiting him. But far from it. Glowacz is always on the lookout for new challenges. Climbing the legendary Table Mountain Roraima in the border triangle of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana in 2010 was just as much a challenge that Glowacz, together with his long-standing climbing partner Kurt Albert and extreme sportsman Holger Heuber, wanted to meet. But already the way to the mountain, which the men wanted to cross without technical aids, made clear how difficult this expedition should become. When after some exhausting stages the helping carriers have to give up, because the way through the jungle can only be mastered by experienced climbers, and the track becomes dangerously slippery due to continuous rain, the venture threatens to fail even before the Roraima is reached. But Glowacz and his companions still have to face the most difficult stage…

"Hunter of the Moment" documents the spectacular and very dangerous tour of the climbers in breathtaking pictures, with which the cameramen Kolja Brandt ("Nordwand") and Franz Hinterbrandner ("Am Limit") literally let the viewer participate in the strains, successes and setbacks of the men. The extreme closeness to the protagonists is one of the reasons why this documentary works so well. Because even if the pictures of the actual climbing tour, the shots down the steep rock face or the aerial shots, are really breathtaking and sometimes really dizzying and sometimes lead to a heavy adrenaline rush, a good film can't live on such pictures alone.

The viewer experiences the ups and downs of their journey with the climbers, witnesses very amusing moments, but also more emotional episodes. This creates a certain bond to the protagonists, which is why the last third of the movie is especially intense. Here it becomes clear that "Hunter of the Moment" is more than just a simple extreme sports documentary, more than just a very real adventure film, but also a deeply human drama about friendship, respect for nature and for one's fellow human beings, as well as about dealing with grief and personal defeats.

However, first and foremost the climbing and the fascination of nature around Table Mountain are of course the focus of this exciting and up to the last minute captivating film. Those who already got sweaty hands during the climbing tour of the Huberbuam in "Am Limit" will be literally pushed into the cinema chair by the tension in some scenes. A really great documentary that not only climbers will be enthusiastic about. Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Hunter of the Moment
  • Hunter of the Moment
  • Hunter of the Moment
  • Hunter of the Moment
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