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Joy - Everything but ordinary!

Joy - Everything but ordinary!

USA 2015 - with Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Isabella Rossellini, Virginia Madsen ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating:

Movie info

Original title:Joy
Genre:Drama, Comedy
Direction:David O. Russell
Cinema release:31.12.2015
Production country:USA 2015
Running time:Ca. 124 Min
Rated:From 6 years
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There was a time when Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) was convinced that she could make a lot of money with her inventions. But now she stands in front of a shattered harbour of broken dreams and has to watch how she makes ends meet for herself and her children. Besides, she has to take care of her mother (Virginia Madsen), who seems to live only for her soap operas, her father (Robert De Niro), who was put back on the street by his second wife, and her ex-husband (Edgar Ramirez), who still lives in the basement of her house and is firmly convinced that he will be the second Tom Jones to make a career. But Joy won't let it get him down. She is a fighter who seems to give fate a second chance. Because through a little mishap during a family outing, Joy makes a new invention that is tantamount to a little revolution in the household sector. But it's not enough to just have good ideas - you also have to bring them to the customer…

"Joy - Alles außer gewöhnlich!" is the third film director David O. Russell has directed with dream team Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. After the critics and audience successes of "Silver Linings" and "American Hustle", the expectations for a new collaboration of the trio are naturally high, especially as they will again receive support from Oscar winner Robert De Niro. In "Silver Linings" he had already played a similarly adorable and quirky father figure and had been rewarded with an Oscar nomination, among other things. No wonder then that "Joy - Alles außer gewöhnlich!" is now expected to play in at least one league with its predecessors.

These expectations cannot quite withstand the drama based loosely on the life and career of home shopping icon Joy Mangano. The films of David O. Russell generally elude a clear genre classification. But while the mixing of different subjects was very harmonious especially in "Silver Linings" and therefore worked perfectly, it doesn't really fit together here. Especially at the beginning, the staging seems too anxious to find its own tone. This is neither really funny, nor dramaturgically stirring or moving. Many scenes just seem hectic and overloaded. A harmonious overall picture does not initially want to result.

This changes after about the first 30 minutes. Slowly the direction radiates exactly the lightness one is accustomed to from David O. Russell. Now not only the performances of the actors - above all a once again outstanding Jennifer Lawrence - can unfold really well. Also the story fascinates the audience more and more. There is a fever of excitement as to whether Joy succeeds in bringing her invention to market, whether she can assert herself against the people she only wants to exploit, or whether after a severe setback she can also use the second chance she fights hard for. Towards the end the whole thing is extremely thrilling and has exactly the feel-good effect that made "Silver Linings" a big audience favorite.

However, despite some very amusing moments and some wonderful light-footed scenes, "Joy - Alles außer gewöhnlich!" is first and foremost a drama about a strong woman who tries to hold her own in the tough business world despite all resistance. And even if it's not David O. Russell's best film, he still offers enough good reasons to make the purchase of a cinema ticket worthwhile. If you liked "Silver Linings", if you can overlook the bumpy beginning and if you simply appreciate solid entertainment cinema, this movie could be a real pleasure for you. And for those who are interested in the history of the wiping mob, this is really the place to be. Therefore: Not a masterpiece, but still absolutely worth seeing with some small compromises!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
  • Joy - Everything but ordinary!
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