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Onward - No half measures

Onward - No half measures

USA 2020

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Movie info

Original title:Onward
Genre:Adventure, Animation, Children's Movie, Comedy
Direction:Dan Scanlon
Cinema release:05.03.2020
Production country:USA 2020
Running time:Approx. 102 min
Rated:From 0 years
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Long time ago the world was full of magic and enchantment. Even in New Mushroomton there is little trace of this today. Instead of spells, modern technology is used, unicorns have become pests and dragons are kept as pets. And magic has been completely forgotten. This changes for shy Ian Lightfoot when he and his brother Barley receive a gift from their late father on his 6th birthday: a magic wand with which they can bring their daddy back to life for 24 hours. Too bad that the spell is interrupted before the whole body of the father could materialize. The brothers and their dad's legs now have only 24 hours to find a magic stone with which they could finish the spell. For Ian, who has never met his father, there is no question: He must find this stone. And so the boys embark on an adventurous journey that shows them that their world is still full of magic - magic that can also be very dangerous…

"Onward - No half measures" is the latest work from Pixar. You can expect a certain quality and originality. And this seems to be given by the first minutes. When it is shown how magic has disappeared from a colourful fairy tale world through certain inventions and how it would look like if elves, unicorns, fairies and other creatures lived in a present that is very, very similar to ours, it is not only extremely funny but also bursting with ingenuity. This then shines through again and again as the story progresses, but gets increasingly lost in the very conventional story.

No question, the movie is entertaining throughout. Even as an adult you can laugh heartily more than once and enjoy the sometimes very weird ideas of the team around director Dan Scanlon. However, it also becomes apparent over and over again that this animated adventure lacks that certain something that characterizes many other works by Pixar. Neither the development of the main characters, nor the twists and turns of the story offer the audience anything surprising. As imaginative as the small details of New Mushroomton and its surroundings may be, the paths on which the story takes place are well-trodden.

Only at the end the makers prove once more why Pixar films are very special family films. Because the resolution of the efforts of both brothers is more than satisfying - on a dramaturgical as well as on an emotional level. Here, the movie makes up for quite a lot, so that some small flaws are already forgotten at the end. Still, the great enthusiasm that movies like "Everything is upside down" caused in me just doesn't want to be present here. Although "Onward - No half measures" is one of the best animated films of the last months, it is also one of the weaker Pixar films. Nevertheless, there is clearly one: Worth seeing!

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  • Onward - No half measures
  • Onward - No half measures
  • Onward - No half measures
  • Onward - No half measures
  • Onward - No half measures
  • Onward - No half measures
  • Onward - No half measures
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