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Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

USA 2013 - with Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Rob Kazinsky, Ron Pearlman ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating:

Movie info

Original title:Pacific Rim
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Direction:Guillermo del Toro
Cinema release:18.07.2013
Production country:USA 2013
Running time:Ca. 131 min.
Rated:From 12 years
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We always believed that once aliens would come to Earth, they would come from space in large spaceships. Far from it! The danger lurks not in the vastness of space, but in the depths of our oceans. Here a portal has opened up between our world and another universe, from which gigantic monsters, called Kaiju, emerge in beautiful regularity and cause destruction, death and despair. Humanity defends itself against the Kaijus with huge robots, which are called hunters. At first this is also relatively successful. But the monsters are getting stronger and stronger and they appear at shorter and shorter intervals. Led by the intrepid stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba), the former Jaeger pilot Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) is to go into the all-decisive fight against the Kaiju. Although Raleigh, who had retired from the Jaeger programme after the death of his brother, initially refuses to control one of the giant fighting robots again, he changes his mind when he seems to have found the perfect co-pilot in the inexperienced recruit Mako (Rinko Kikuchi). But while the hunters are preparing to close the portal between worlds forever, scientist Newt (Charlie Day) makes a discovery that will force Pentecost to question his entire warfare…

After Guillermo del Toro hands over his directorial position in the "Hobbit" movies to Peter Jackson, he actually wanted to take on the filming of H.P. Lovecraft's horror story  "Mountains of Madness". But although Tom Cruise was interested in the leading role and James Cameron was available as a producer, the financing of an extremely expensive film aimed at a purely adult audience was too risky for the studio and the production was stamped despite good omens. But instead of moping, the filmmaker was allowed to let off steam on another heart project. Almost 200 million dollars were at his disposal to bring "Pacific Rim" to the screen. And del Toro also wanted to use this money to offer its viewers the best possible monster SciFi action film. And he succeeded in doing so impressively.

The trailers for the film let us expect a mixture of "Godzilla" and "Transformers". But del Toro managed to do what Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay failed to do. He has staged a visually great material battle, which doesn't just rely on monsters, battle robots and destruction, but also on engaging characters, an excellent set and del Toro's very special humor. Certainly, "Pacific Rim" is neither logical nor dramaturgically highly sophisticated cinema. The story makes use of a number of clichés and the figures are also drawn in an arguably template style. Nevertheless, del Toro mostly succeeds with only small tricks or dialogue sequences to put his own stamp on the whole thing and to give it a human touch that prevents the fight between Kaijus and hunters from degenerating into a soulless material battle.

This becomes especially clear with the way del Toro draws the two "nerds" Newt and Gottlieb (Burn Gorman). While Raleigh in particular is allowed to shine as a more commercial action hero, del Toro gives the two scientists their own storyline, in which Newt in particular can also prove himself as a hero with the means at his disposal. The world is saved here not only by muscles, but also by brains. But del Toro can also inject enough character into the other figures, such as the Pentecost ("Luther", "Prometheus") wonderfully embodied by Idris Elba or Charlie Hunnams ("Sons of Anarchy") Raleigh, to protect them from complete interchangeability. And with his "Hellboy"-star Ron Pearlman he enriches the action with a good portion of coolness and a pleasant pinch of humor, which adds to the entertainment value of the movie.

Naturally the huge monsters and the attempt to destroy them with equally big robots are the focus of attention. And again, Guillermo del Toro and his team have done a great job. Unlike in "Man of Steel" or the "Transformers" movies, the fighting sequences aren't edited too fast to be overstrained and you can hardly perceive them. Even if some details are swallowed up by darkness again and again, you can almost always see what the high budget has been used for. The special effects are great and the design of the monsters can score with some original ideas.

"Pacific Rim" works so well just because Guillermo del Toro was all about entertaining his audience. He wanted to produce a really big fun movie, in which you get something for the eye, in which you can laugh, too, without resorting to cheap pee-pee fart jokes, as for example in "Transformers 2". A film that is exciting, with great effects for big eyes and the spectators for two hours completely kidnapped from everyday life. Logic and sophisticated dramaturgy? Overrated. After all, there are monsters and big robots! If you just want to see some really good popcorn entertainment and if you haven't let the cynicism that is unfortunately everywhere take you away from your enthusiasm for big fantasy stories, you shouldn't miss "Pacific Rim". Absolutely worth seeing!]

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


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