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Shoplifters - Family ties

Shoplifters - Family ties

Japan 2018 - with Lily Franky, Kairi Jyo, Sakura Andô, Miyu Sasaki, Kilin Kiki ...

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Movie info

Original title:Manbiki kazoku
Direction:Hirokazu Kore-Eda
Cinema release:27.12.2018
Production country:Japan 2018
Running time:Ca. 121 Min
Rated:From 12 years
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Osamu Shibata (Lily Franky) was once again successful with his son Shota (Kairi Jyo) on a thief tour in the supermarket, when they find the little girl Yuri (Miyu Sasaki) on the way home. The little one was simply locked out by her parents, for whom she is just an unwanted burden, in the freezing cold. Without further ado, Osamu decides to take the girl with him. Despite initial doubts, his wife Nobuyo (Sakura Andò) also takes in the new family member, although the small home is more than overcrowded with grandmother Hatuse (Kilin Kiki) and Shota's half-sister Aki (Mayu Matsuoka). From now on, the girl leads a very simple life, but learns something that has been denied her so far: love and attention. And so it seems that everything in this patchwork family is heading for a happy ending until an unforeseen incident reveals the secrets of Osamu and Nobuyo - and thus Yuri's newfound family happiness threatens to be finally destroyed…

"Shoplifters - Familienbande", the winner of the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, poses an interesting question: What makes a family? Blood ties? Wealth? Can one choose one's family and can there also be such a thing as real happiness in a family-like construct that makes a living through theft and other scams? The viewer is plunged into a moral dilemma: You can see how Yuri is treated by her biological parents. What Osamu and Nobuyo do may still be right at the beginning, but then it clearly becomes child abduction from a legal point of view. One is happy for the girl when her eyes radiate joy at the fact that she is not constantly scolded here, but is also sometimes taken in the arm. But it does legitimize the crime.

One is quickly inclined to answer this with a clear "yes", because the girl is clearly better off far away from her parents. But of course it's not that simple - and it shouldn't be. Hirokazu Kore-Eda makes this impressively clear in his very quiet drama. At times the narrative tempo tends towards zero, which is why the movie, despite its really interesting and also moving story, is a bit exhausting in some moments - at least for viewers who aren't used to such a tempo. But it's really worth it to get involved in the sometimes unwieldy staging. For the story still takes twists that make the events not only captivating in a very subtle way, but also very moving.

"Shoplifters - Family ties" is a film that makes you think, touches and entertains - at least friends of quiet arthouse cinema. Finally a festival favourite again, who not only inspires the feuilleton, but could also appeal to a (slightly) wider audience. Worth seeing

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  • Shoplifters - Family ties
  • Shoplifters - Family ties
  • Shoplifters - Family ties
  • Shoplifters - Family ties
  • Shoplifters - Family ties
  • Shoplifters - Family ties
  • Shoplifters - Family ties
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