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USA 2017 - with Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson, Clancy Brown ...

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Movie info

Original title:Stronger
Direction:David Gordon Green
Cinema release:19.04.2018
Production country:USA 2017
Running time:Ca. 119 Min
Rated:From 12 years
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Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Erin (Tatiana Maslany) did not have a simple relationship. They were separated once again when Erin ran the Boston Marathon in 2013 and Jeff decided to expect his ex at the finish line and win her heart back. But in just a few seconds his life changes forever when a bomb explodes near him. The 27-year-old loses both legs in the devastating terrorist attack. Since it is his testimony that provides the decisive clues for the assassins to be caught, Jeff is quickly hailed by the media as a hero. But he himself seems to have lost all courage to face life. But the unshakeable support of Erin and his family allows him to survive the protracted rehabilitation measures. But whether he can overcome the dreams of the attack is another story…

"Stronger" is, after "Boston", the second big Hollywood film to deal with the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013. But unlike Peter Berg's drama, David Gordon Green's film focuses on the fate of one of the survivors, who must learn to live not only with the physical but also with the psychological wounds left behind by the attack. The basis for the story is the book of the real Jeff Bauman, who in all openness has traced his path of suffering in it. After deed the commitment that the object would not become a smooth, beautiful Hollywood glossy writing of its message, Bauman overwrote the abstraction to maker Todd Lieberman. With the help of the acclaimed playwright John Pollo, who comes from the same area of New England as Baumann, and director David Gordon Green, a gripping drama about a man's long and difficult journey back to life has been created.

With Jake Gyllenhaal a leading actor was found who really threw himself into the role with full commitment. Especially in small moments when Jeff is confronted with his fears, his frustration or his pain, Gyllenhall can convince all along the line. No less important for the functioning of the story was the occupation of Erin. With Tatiana Maslany, who should be known to series fans for her award-winning performance of several completely different roles in "Orphan Black", the makers have proven a very good hand.

"Stronger" is really not a typical hero story. Jeff's relatives are really not a model family and he himself has to fight some demons even before the attack, which won't let him go even if he is celebrated as a hero by the whole country. At times it's a bit exhausting to watch, but it's still absolutely worth it just because of the strong actors and some really strong moments. If you appreciate thrilling real-life dramas without too much pathos, you should definitely give this film a chance. Worth seeing

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