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USA 2012 - with Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi ...

Movie info

Original title:Ted
Direction:Seth McFarlane
Cinema release:02.08.2012
Production country:USA 2012
Running time:Approx. 106 min.
Rated:From 16 years
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A cute teddy bear who can talk and make friends with a little boy and remains his best friend until he's grown up - this can only be a cute children's movie. Far from it, because if you know the previous work of director Seth McFarlane ("Family Guy", "American Dad"), you'll know that Ted also has it thick as a fist behind his fluffy ears and never misses an opportunity to entertain his audience with gags of a particularly slippery and politically extremely incorrect kind.

"Ted" tells the story of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), who as a boy wished for nothing more than a best friend. His wish was fulfilled when his Christmas present, a cute teddy bear, suddenly came to life and from then on stood faithfully by his side. First of all, Ted is a real sensation, he dominates the media and becomes the darling of the Americans. But with time his fame fades and he only has his best friend John left. The two go through thick and thin, which gets on John's friend Lori (Mila Kunis)'s nerves in the long run. She wants John to finally grow up - and that will only happen when he stops hanging out with Ted. But can John so easily give up the common weed, the shared passion for "Flash Gordon" and Ted's protective ritual during thunderstorms? And is the teddy bear even capable of living alone and standing on his own plush legs?

Already in the first minutes of the film, Seth McFarlane makes it clear to his audience that his comedy about a rather unusual friendship is anything but child's play. His smoking, swearing, dirty jokes telling plush teddy bear, who enjoys himself with prostitutes, is not too bad for even the roughest of jokes. It's hardly surprising that many a gag goes over the top or that the viewer's laughter gets stuck in his jibe due to the malice of some sayings. But under its rough shell the movie has a fluffy-soft heart that makes it easy to forgive Ted for some of his fecal-humorous and somewhat tasteless jokes.

The teddy bear, who always reminds of a mixture of Peter Griffin and dog Brian from "Family Guy" as well as the neurotic Alien Roger from "American Dad", really doesn't mince his words and leaves many a saying from the pile, where the viewer doesn't really want to believe that he has heard it right now. But McFarlane knows how to combine this politically incorrect malice with the high cuteness factor of the teddy bear to an extremely charming whole. Moreover, he builds up the friendship between John and Ted so credibly that you quickly forget that you see a computer animated teddy bear here and that the starting situation of the story itself is completely crazy. And also the almost unrealistic idea that a man has to decide whether he wants to choose between his Teddy or Mila Kunis is actually made understandable here.

Except for a few less successful jokes there is also a little side story about a man played by Giovanni Ribisi and his spoiled son, who absolutely wants to own Ted, who doesn't really want to work. Although Ribisi puts on a truly memorable dance performance to "I think we're alone now" by 80s teen starlet Tiffany, but nevertheless this whole storyline seems to be pressed into the plot a bit too hard. The actual conflict that builds up between John and Ted and unleashes in a great duel sequence with Bourne-esque character would have been fully justified to tell an amusing, round story. Thus, the movie seems a bit artificially bloated, which is to be coped with, as this weaker part of the comedy also has some really good laughs to offer.

A few great cameo appearances (especially the wordless appearance of a Hollywood star who tried his hand at being a superhero last year is simply too delicious) and Mark Wahlberg's good-humoured game with his animated co-star make "Ted" a great movie experience. Fine spirits and spectators of a rather sensitive mind should nevertheless avoid this work. Because with his crude jokes, his bitterly evil sayings and his complete negation of any form of "political correctness", this teddy bear even makes a Sacha Baron Cohen and his cinematic alter egos (Borat, Brüno, the dictator) almost look good. But since the movie has its heart in the right place despite some jokes that go over the top, there is still one at the end: Absolutely worth seeing!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


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